Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

We got snow for Easter, in my neck of the woods.  As the snow began to melt, today, I could see the first signs of Spring, sprouting up out of the brown ground; the first sprigs of green grass.  I think we are going to need another decent snowstorm, to … Continue reading

HRC: Making the Invisible….Visible.

This was the first commercial of the Clinton campaign. It was the commercial that put the first crack in my ‘anti-clinton’ wall. After Dr. Carolyn’s article about the miserable state of healthcare in this country I remembered it vividly. Perhaps the Clinton campaign missed, until now, running with their most … Continue reading

What Does Universal Healthcare Mean?

A Canadian Physician’s Experience of the Current Healthcare System in America I am near the end of another busy shift in a major Canadian emergency department. The nurse in charge asks me to see two women in the minor care area – a daughter and her elderly mother. Both of … Continue reading

Who wants this kind of health care?

There is a “universal health care” proposal being looked at in the Senate right now that is being sponsored by a bi-partisan coalition that includes Bennett (UT), Wyden (OR), Trent Lott and Lamar Alexander from Rep. leadership, Grassley (IA), Gregg (NH), Stabenow (MI), and Crapo (ID). What I know about … Continue reading

Who Will Endure?

I watched the debate last night between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It was clearly the best debate between the two of them—— interesting and substantive. Hillary Clinton was the stronger debater. She clearly showed that she is “a fighter” and that she has command of the issues. She demonstrated … Continue reading

It’s The Economy… And So Many Other Issues

In the past few weeks since I announced here that I was endorsing Hillary Clinton, I spent a fair amount of time defending my reasoning. The bottom-line is that I see Hillary Clinton’s positions on the issues as the strongest positions on those issues and I feel she has the … Continue reading

Hillary’s Shining Moment

I didn’t get a chance to watch all of the debate tonight, but what I did watch was worth watching. Especially the end of the debate when she was asked to describe the moment in her life when she was most tested. Her response was truly Hillary’s shining moment ending with a … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

You would not believe what I have been going through the last few weeks…well, maybe you could. It’s just that I have been so bogged down with a massive to-do list that would not go away, it seemed like it was out to get me, making it difficult to prioritize … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up: Valentine’s Treats

Ah…Valentine’s Day. A day for sweethearts to express their love for one another. Sadly, like Christmas, this holiday has been so over-commercialized that too many of us feel like we have to meet some pretty high expectations to come out of this day unscathed. I have never expected much from … Continue reading