The Limits of Privacy

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We have been used to this notion that the Constitution is an eternal, never changing document, frozen in time and circumscribed by its language. Some had even maintained that said contract MUST be interpreted according to the understanding of those who wrote it. … It is rare that we actually GET a case of someone yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, but here, we DO.

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Pets Are Nothing More Than Kitchen Chairs

by Walter Brasch   In Johnstown, Pa., two abandoned puppies died from starvation and freezing weather in an unoccupied house. In Lancaster County, two puppies were left in a backpack in freezing weather. In Centre County, a dog was frozen to the floor of its doghouse. In Edwardsville, a woman abandoned 19 dogs after she was evicted from her mobile home. Seven dogs had died of starvation. The others were near death. In Monroe County, police found three dogs, each in a plastic bag, abandoned along the side of roads. Each was dead. One had been shot. All the cases were reported the past two weeks in Pennsylvania. These aren’t the only cases; hundreds aren’t reported. Four years ago, the … Continue reading

A Police State Gone Wild

… Ask yourself this question (which I asked long ago, when I was writing un-PC screenplays about secret power and its corrupting influence): If they are willing to do these things to NON-citizens, what makes you think that the mere fact of a border on a map, or your citizenship will shield you from their practices? Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

It’s smells like a pep rally burning out of control, in my front yard.  Today’s Ten Post Round-Up might singe your eyebrows: 1: What a relief! The Cheney sunglasses mystery is solved!… Image In Cheney’s Glasses Actually Bush’s Eternal Soul—CAP News 2: Ahem–Attention American Taxpayers: You are supposed to squander your stimulus check NOT pay bills with it! Putting it away for your own benefit is not why we are sending it to you… Economic Stimulus: Good for individuals or the overall economy, not both—Colorado Confidential 3: On the upside, those stimulus checks might come just in time for you to make the massive going-out-of-business sales, sure to be all the rage this summer… More Economic Pain: Retailing Chains Caught … Continue reading

Bush OK’d Torture Meetings

It’s official… “President Bush says he was aware that his top aides met in the White House basement to micromanage the application of waterboarding and other widely-condemned interrogation techniques.” And he says it was no big deal. “I’m aware our national security team met on this issue. And I approved,” Bush told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz on Friday. “I don’t know what’s new about that; I’m not so sure what’s so startling about that.” It’s true that it has been widely assumed and occasionally reported that the CIA’s use of brutal interrogation techniques could be traced back to the White House on a general level. But it was most definitely new last week when ABC News reported that a group … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

(Programming note:  I’m going to keep the round-up, short and sweet.  But, I will continue to post a video for the day and make my usual commentary on my own crazy blog.) Have cuppa?  Prepare to traverse today’s Ten Post Round-Up: 1: Many Americans are avoiding movies and documentaries based on the Iraq War, regardless of their personal stand on the war, itself… Why Americans Are Tuning out the Disaster in Iraq—AlterNet 2: This just in: Presidential candidates are people, too!… Surprise!—BlondeSense 3: Novel idea: Army attempting to lure new recruits via amusement park and Xbox 360… The U.S. Army is now a Ride at Six Flags—Bring It On! 4: Captives for the war on terror… U.S. May Not Release … Continue reading

Murder in an Alaskan Forest

No one—at least no human—knows his name, or even if he had a name.  We don’t know where or when he was born. We know nothing about his life.  But we know a lot about his death. A politician/trapper from northeast Pennsylvania went to Alaska and killed him. We know this because the local newspaper opened almost a full page to tell us about the glorious hunt.   The story included two pictures. One three-column picture showed Mighty Trapper, smiling and in heavy cold winter clothing, holding the dead lynx by his back legs, his life cut short by at least 10 years. The other picture showed Mighty and his brother, a biologist with Alaska’s Fish and Game Department, each … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

My apologies for the late-edition of the round-up, today. I’ve been feeling a little off, physically, so I decided to take it easy and slept right through the time I normally prepare and post. And, since I’m not feeling so hot, today, I’ve gotta keep the music to a light tempo: Color Me Badd – I Adore Mi Amor Be warned: Some of the links in today’s Ten Post Round-Up may make you a bit sick to your stomach, too: 1: Doesn’t it feel like we live in a parallel universe, sometimes? We aren’t in a “recession”, yet, stories like this keep popping up… U.S. Home Foreclosures Jump 90% as Mortgages Reset— 2: The good ol’ U.S. of A, living … Continue reading