Barack The Uniter’s Thin Record and His Cabinet Plans

Barack Obama has made plenty of claims about being the great “uniter” but his record on working across the aisle is relatively “thin“. We know that “Hillary Clinton has been trying to make a point about Barack Obama that deserves one last careful look before Tuesday’s probably decisive Democratic primaries.” David … Continue reading

Won’t Get Fooled Again

This song by The Who is not just the theme song for the television series “CSI”; or one of the greatest songs in music history. This song is the anthem of the 2008 Presidential Race. The chorus of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” goes as follows: “I’ll tip my hat to … Continue reading

It’s About Time: Sean Wilentz on Obama Playing the Race Card

I have felt all along that the Obama campaign has been the campaign playing the race card, not the Clinton campaign. Sean Wilentz was on Tucker today talking about his piece on the subject in The New Republic. Watch it: Wilentz says in Race Man, How Barack Obama played the … Continue reading

The Illusion of Freedom

I was reflecting on something Oprah Winfrey said about Barack Obama at a rally in California: “Being free means you get to think for yourself and you get to decide for yourself”. One does not have to search very hard to realize the 2008 American Presidential Elections are far from … Continue reading

Who Will Endure?

I watched the debate last night between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It was clearly the best debate between the two of them—— interesting and substantive. Hillary Clinton was the stronger debater. She clearly showed that she is “a fighter” and that she has command of the issues. She demonstrated … Continue reading

I’m a “Whiner”–and I Don’t Intend to Stop Whining

This primary has demonstrated nothing if it has not demonstrated how Americans view misogyny as opposed to racism. Let me begin by stating that I know that the United States is a very racist nation, and nothing I am about to say should be interpreted to mean that I think … Continue reading

What Jerome Said

I’m posting lite today for a multitude of reasons including pressing business matters and the fact that I have grown weary and wary of the growing the divisions amongst progressive bloggers over this primary season. There’s a lot ugliness in the news and on the blogs today and a lot … Continue reading

SNL: Bitch Is The New Black

The Saturday Night Live “writers are back with a vengeance.”  Last night SNL featured a “devastating opening skit about how in the tank the news media is for Obama and how totally unfair it is to Hillary.” (VIDEO HERE) Then they moved on to a Tina Fey  “commentary on the Weekend Update … Continue reading

Is The Obama Bubble Bursting?

It really is inevitable, that the bubble known as the Obama phenomena would go on forever with out bursting. Today there’s discussion on just that. Jeralyn has the scoop at Talk Left. As Paul Krugman notes, the bursting of the Obama bubble is “it’s already starting — probably too late to … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers here at The Dem Daily. I know… I know… it’s a little late in the day to finally get around to saying it. But hey, better late to the party than never, as they say! And what’s worse than forgetting Valentine’s Day? Getting … Continue reading