Speaking of Trickery, Ted Cruz is a RINO

The haters of the Right LOVE to call people RINOs — generally meaning anyone not so obstructionist, inflexible and mean — but I am talking about TRUE RINOS: Republicans In Name Only. These are Libertarians. They have a separate agenda. A separate constituency, and a separate funding mechanism (spelled “K.O.C.H.”) Continue reading

Secretary of State John Kerry on ‘This Week’

In an exclusive interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz for “This Week,” Secretary of State John Kerry said, “the United States had not abandoned former FBI agent Robert Levinson — the 65-year-old American who went missing in Iran seven years ago — and said he was personally involved in the effort to locate him.” Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. In his interview with Raddatz, Kerry rejected the Levinson family’s claim that Robert Levinson was working for a rogue CIA operation when he disappeared. “There hasn’t been progress in the sense that we don’t have him back. But to suggest that we have abandoned him or anybody has abandoned him is simply incorrect and not helpful,” Kerry said. “The fact … Continue reading

The Day John Kennedy Died

Sadly, we recently lost Lou Reed, but his song is among the many poignant remembrances of John F. Kennedy that has been with us for many years…   Check out Adam Clymer’s piece in the NY Times: ‘Kennedy Has Been Shot’: Memories From Nov. 22, 1963… I was the most junior reporter in the Washington bureau of The Baltimore Sun. On what was expected to be a dull Friday afternoon in the capital, I had taken off from work. My wife and I were driving north to meet her parents in New Haven for the Harvard-Yale game. When the news came over the car radio, I turned around and drove as fast as I could to get back to the office. Also read … Continue reading