Heather Heyer: An American Patriot

        William Lewis Moore a postman from Baltimore was shot and killed during a one-man march against segregation. Rev. Bruce Klunder was a civil rights activist who protested the building of a segregated school and was crushed to death when a bulldozer backed over him. Andrew Goodman … Continue reading

Reflections on Independence Day

It is Independence Day in America, but rather than focusing on our independence today, I find myself reflecting on our interdependence, because the fact is, we all ultimately rely on one another in this country and on the planet. What we do, how we act, what we say, how we … Continue reading

Obamacare and the Power of Fear

The Affordable Care Act more popularly known as Obamacare, in the opinion of many experts is the most debated law in American history.  Does anyone really know what the Affordable Care Act is? Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, in a very humorous fashion pointed out how people truly believed there … Continue reading

Bloomberg Endorses Obama in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg endorsed President Obama for re-election today in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which left parts of New York City and New Jersey devastated. Bloomberg who is an Independent had not endorsed Obama in the last election. His last presidential endorsement was in 2004 for … Continue reading

Romney Staffer Committing Charitable Fraud

Bill Murphy, Mitt Romney’s Social Media Director, and his colleague Ali Akbar have ripped off a lot of people. They ripped off the Tea Party with the American Liberty Alliance. They ripped off movement Conservatives with the National Bloggers Club. They even ripped off Andrew Breitbart. But their days of … Continue reading

Good Read Alert: We Can All Do Better

I’ve got a stack of books I am reading and two websites I am redesigning right now, so I haven’t been posting at all for the past few weeks. I did want to alert readers to a Good Read that was just released today, former Senator Bill Bradley’s new book, … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Reads

I’ll be offline most of the day which I will explain in another post. Here’s a few Saturday morning reads: Margaret Carlson has a column on Bloomberg that is worth a read: Obama Throws Gutter Ball, Clinton Plays Pals: Margaret Carlson John McCain has been waiving Secret Service protection, but … Continue reading

Breaking: Al Gore Will Run for President

A lot of Democrats still hold on to hope that Al Gore will run for president again. Well, hope no longer… Grist.org has the scoop, which just arrived in my email box: Al Gore Will Run for President: You might want to sit down for this: Al Gore will announce … Continue reading