Ben-Hur, Benghazi, Ben Gay

Look at that sea of red. Only Little Green Footballs and Daily Kos have any rebuttal to the massive right-wing red/pink blog kkkonspiracies. Because, you know, the REAL criminals of the Benghazi attack were, conveniently, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. I mean, Terrists gone be terrists, raht? Continue reading

Loony Weekend Commences

The Bonfire of the Hannitys focuses its annual loon-fest in Houston this weekend. Sarah Palin, looking more and more like a clever Alien simulacrum of what they consider a generic middle-aged SUV driver brought down the house with a paean to stupidity, as mellifluous as fingernails on a blackboard Continue reading

Press Coverage Even Worse Than Rubio Speech

I mean, I DO get it. He tried to soldier on. Didn’t work. Realized that he had to drink. Became nervous about what it would look like, and, with thousands of thoughts between the politician giving his most important political speech ever and the pure animal need for a sip of water, well, Marco Rubio went ass over teakettle. Continue reading

‘Our Journey Is Not Complete’

Today, when I listened to President Obama’s speech, I thought of Ted Kennedy: “The work begins anew. The hope rises again. And the dream lives on.” President Obama brings us closer to the dream… ‘Our journey is not complete.’

President Obama Stands Up

I found myself more moved today by President Obama, than I ever have been in the past. Today, he spoke my language. Today, President Obama spoke to America about the liberal/progressive values that hold us all up as one nation, together. Is it because he “hears the clock ticking on his last chance to … Continue reading

Who Won the Debate? Duh.

The true loser of the modern political debate has been fact and truth, with a lapdog media that explicitly doesn’t give a good goddam about them, and explicitly denies their ever having existed in the first place… Continue reading

Romney v. Obama: The Debate That Wasn’t

The first of three presidential debates, Wednesday evening, focused on domestic policy. There were supposed to be six segments of 15 minutes each. Moderator Jim Lehrer, executive editor and anchor of the nightly “PBS NewsHour,” was supposed to have asked one question in each segment; each candidate had two minutes … Continue reading

Republican Mixed Messages on ‘Fact-Checking’

And what does this actually tell us? That A) Republicans are CERTAIN that they could not win a fair election or a fair argument and B) that they are actually AGAINST democracy. Continue reading

Governor Deval Patrick Rocks the Democratic Convention

If you didn’t see Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night you missed a rousing speech that fired up the Democratic base and set the stage for the headlining speech of the night, Michelle Obama. Watch Deval Patrick rock the DNC:   Via the Boston Globe: … Continue reading