Do Marketing and Branding “Create” The Candidate ?

In the Jerome Armstrong post referenced by Pamela, a commenter says that ‘the worth of a candidate is measured partially by the effectiveness of their campaign’. The WORTH of a candidate is their campaign? Has the concept of ‘governance’ simply disappeared? Have we lost sight of the fact that the … Continue reading

Hillary’s Stance on the Iraq War

I’ve noticed recent comments on this blog (in response to Pamela Leavey’s articles and also Stuart O’Neill’s article) condemning Hillary Clinton for her initial vote for the Iraq war and for her subsequent treatment of it. Yet, I often find, when I discuss this issue with people, that few are … Continue reading

Creating a Pattern

Earlier in the week it was noted in the news, that Barack Obama “borrowed” phrases from Deval Patrick and used them in his speeches. The media is now starting to take a look at patterns Obama has created with in his campaign that are leaving some voters, including myself, cold. A reader … Continue reading

President Bush’s Safari to Find Friendly Faces

President Bush is in Africa this week, sulking because he didn’t get his way. In one of the rare times the past seven years, the House of Representatives, now under Democrat control for the first time in 12 years, defended the Constitution and refused to allow the President to bully … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Speaks to Crowd 12,000 Strong in El Paso (VIDEO)

Last night in El Paso, Texas Hillary Clinton received a rock star welcome at a rally of supporters that was 12,000 strong. Anne Kornblut claims in the WaPo that Hillary was “booed” when she mentioned her “differences with Obama over health care and the mortgage crisis.” If she was booed … Continue reading

Hillary and Iraq

Of all of the many reasons to support a Democrat for President of the U.S. in 2008, one of the most vital is to start to bring to a close the reckless bloodbath that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and friends opened up in Iraq. From the safety of our homes … Continue reading