Springsteen and Fallon Mock Christie as He Struggles to Distance Himself from Scandal

On Tuesday, Bruce Springsteen released “High Hopes,” his 18th studio album. Springsteen also took to the stage on “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to mock New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the wake of Christie’s BridgeGate Scandal: Christie’s intial explanation, “that it was a move to punish a Democratic mayor who had refused to endorse Christie’s reelection bid,” is being met with a lot of skepticism as “two special legislative committees” begin investigations into the scandal on Thursday. The panels will have subpoena power, which means that in the coming weeks and months, a parade of former and current Christie administration officials — as well as many of the governor’s closest political associates — will be called to testify. … Continue reading

Disappointed in the Website not the Policy

I like many of my fellow Americans have been very frustrated with the lack of speed and efficacy of the Healthcare.gov website. However, let me be very clear there is a big difference between a website not working properly and a federal law being unlawful and therefore unconstitutional. Based on the polls by both liberal and conservative groups there has been a knee-jerk reaction to the website having issues and people believing since this is the case we should over-haul this law.  The Affordable Care Act is a law I remind you that is presently saving people money while providing a ray of hope to millions of people that only a year ago were told they were uninsurable. America is … Continue reading

Jeanne Shaheen Trounces Scott Brown in Dem Poll

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown has been contemplating jumping the MA/NH border to challenge Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. Not such a good idea perhaps for Brown. Politico reports that Brown “trails his could-be opponent by double digits in a new poll conducted for the League of Conservation Voters.” Brown’s personal favorability numbers are tepid: 37 percent of Granite Staters said they have a favorable view of him, while 42 percent said they have an unfavorable view. Asked whether Brown should run for Senate in New Hampshire or not, 54 percent answered in the negative. Scott Brown should heed the poll, lest every Democratic activist in Massachusetts crosses the border to help Jeanne Shaheen trounce him on election day, should he … Continue reading

Don’t Believe The Hype! GOP Trying to Change Their Image on the Fly

I find it amazing that not four weeks ago the Republican Party was trying their best to convince the American people that Mitt Romney was the next great president of the United States.  The Republicans even compared Romney to their patron saint, President Ronald Reagan.  Republican pundits and political leaders gave great speeches about how Romney’s business experience would lead us out of debt and create jobs, jobs, and more jobs for everyone!  The Republicans explained away the debacle of Romney’s comment about the 47% by insisting he was misunderstood, and those comments were being taken out of context by a liberal media.  Ironically, days after the election was over Mitt Romney decided to put his foot in his mouth … Continue reading

Romney In Denial Part 2

Romney in denial, part 2… “I’m going to win Ohio. I’m going to become the next president, in part because I’m going to have the support of people in Ohio,” Romney told NBC News on Wednesday. A New York Times poll released Wednesday showed President Obama leading his Republican challenger 53-43 percent, but Romney insisted that he didn’t “worry about the polls.” Good luck with that Mitt… Even right wing bloggers see the writing on the wall. And, just take a look at this video to get a feel for what right wing leaning newscasters think about Romney’s campaign. The NY Times reports… Mr. Romney is facing mounting hurdles in these two critical states, which hold nearly as many electoral … Continue reading