It’s About Time: Sean Wilentz on Obama Playing the Race Card

I have felt all along that the Obama campaign has been the campaign playing the race card, not the Clinton campaign. Sean Wilentz was on Tucker today talking about his piece on the subject in The New Republic. Watch it: Wilentz says in Race Man, How Barack Obama played the … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

I need a vacation. I don’t mean, jus’ some time off. I mean a real vacation, that starts with words like “Bahamas” or “Jamaica” and ends with me nodding off after drinking too many Mojitos. I just got done with what I like to call my “Anti-procrastination Week”. I mean, … Continue reading

I’m a “Whiner”–and I Don’t Intend to Stop Whining

This primary has demonstrated nothing if it has not demonstrated how Americans view misogyny as opposed to racism. Let me begin by stating that I know that the United States is a very racist nation, and nothing I am about to say should be interpreted to mean that I think … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

It’s Thursday. That means I’m in work-mode. Getting ready for work, for me, is more like the way that Jennifer Lopez might prepare versus how Jane Doe blue collar might do so. I dress like I’m going to the Saturday dance and when I’m there, I am there to put … Continue reading

“Civil War”? Give Me A Break

What a helluva weekend Barack Obama had, sweeping Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska and the Maine caucuses, and besting Bill Clinton for a Grammy Award last night (spoken word). With news that Hillary Clinton “swung the ax,” firing her campaign chair and replacing her with a longtime aide, it would seem Obama … Continue reading