Springsteen and Fallon Mock Christie as He Struggles to Distance Himself from Scandal

On Tuesday, Bruce Springsteen released “High Hopes,” his 18th studio album. Springsteen also took to the stage on “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to mock New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the wake of Christie’s BridgeGate Scandal: Christie’s intial explanation, “that it was a move to punish a Democratic … Continue reading

Here’s the Rub on Christie’s BridgeGate

Note the last line in the quote below and understand why the Christie BridgeGate scandal will not go away… Someone died… Emergency responders were delayed in attending to four medical situations – including one in which a 91-year-old woman lay unconscious – due to traffic gridlock caused by unannounced closures … Continue reading

Is Edward Snowden the Only American Who Remembers the Words of the 4th Amendment?

This week an unusual bipartisan effort from 94 Republicans and 111 Democrats almost succeeded in an attempt to cut off funding for the NSA’s collection of phone data by 205 “yes” to 217 “no” votes. But the movement to curb the NSA’s secret power over American citizens has now spread … Continue reading

The Sick Voyeur at the Center of This (not Weiner, BTW)

WARNING: What follows is as disgusting as the story it covers and the author of that story. So, if you are squeamish, or under 18, please stop reading now. Now, at least you know who you’re in bed with. (I’d get checked for STDs ASAP if I were you.) Continue reading

Where is the Justice for the Black Boy in America?

The verdict in the George Zimmerman trail has added to the question which has been going back and forth in our legal system since the days of Reconstruction. The question: What is the value of the Black boy in America? George Zimmerman being found not guilty I believe, has sent a … Continue reading

Snivel Disobedience

When you decide to knowingly break the law AND take it on the lam to foreign governments, carrying several hard drives’ worth of classified information as bargaining chips to obtain asylum, you’re not being civilly disobedient. You’re being an outlaw, and USING your criminal gains to obtain the most favorable treatment you can get. Continue reading

Peggy Noonan and the Cuckoo Birds

The “Tea Party” is a multi-headed hydra founded and funded by the Kochtopus. I covered this at length in 2010, and it’s NOT in dispute. The “cuckoo” Tea Partiers are NOT Republicans, but a fifth column within the GOP who are responsible as much as anyone and MORE than anyone for creating the long paralysis of the congress since 2011. Continue reading