Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

You would not believe what I have been going through the last few weeks…well, maybe you could. It’s just that I have been so bogged down with a massive to-do list that would not go away, it seemed like it was out to get me, making it difficult to prioritize … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Is My Choice–part 2–Why I Cannot Support Sen. Obama

Yesterday, I wrote about why I support Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next president of the United States. Today, I am here to talk about why I cannot support Barack Obama as president. First, I should say that Sen. Obama’s liberal credentials are sound, and his voting record is … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Is My Choice–part 1–Why I Support Sen. Clinton

As a Green Party member, I am well aware that the American people are not seeking the kind of radical change that Green values represent. Thankfully, though, there are still people in the Democratic Party who believe strongly in progressive values, and who practice them. One of those people is … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Yeah. Get your butt up! It’s Monday. I’ll wait right here while you go get your morning cuppa… Hurry up, now. I don’t want you to be late for Uncle Jay’s lesson for today: Uncle Jay Explains the News – February 11, 2008 No real predictions in today’s Ten Post … Continue reading

A Prediction I Don’t Want to Make: President McCain

Several months ago I predicted a serious schism in the Democratic party if the Edwards and Obama campaigns continued on their chosen courses. When it comes to national politics and decisions that directly affect the health and wealth of the nation, there’s little consolation in saying “I told you so” … Continue reading

I Am a Mom First and a Candidate Second

Hillary Clinton blasted MSNBC’s David Shuster today for his “incredibly offensive” on air remarks about Chelsea Clinton. Shuster, as noted here has apologized and even Keith Olbermann stepped up to the plate an issued his onw apology on behalf of the network last night. But, Hillary Clinton spoke up today … Continue reading

Olbermann on Shuster’s Chelsea Clinton Comment

Keith Olbermann spoke up last night on David Shuster’s shameful and appalling comment about Chelsea Clinton. Olbermann not only condemned his fellow MSNBC journalist’s disgusting remark, but also apologized on behalf of the network, with far more class and dignity than Shuster himself. Watch it here: H/T to Taylor. Howard … Continue reading

Shuster Suspended from MSNBC – Apologizes to the Clintons

In my Late Night Reads last night, I posted a link to Taylor Marsh’s post on David Shuster’s contemptable sexist remarks made about Chelsea Clinton. The Clinton campaign hit back hard today: Asked about Shuster’s “pimp” comment, Wolfson denounced the comment as “disgusting” and “beneath contempt,” adding: “It’s the kind … Continue reading

Hillary’s Women

On Open Left, Matt Stoller has an interesting post about Hillary’s Women. Stoller notes that the Clinton campaign had not really tapped into the online donor mode until now and it “is remarkable” that in “about the last 48 hours” the Hillary Clinton campaign has brought in “around $7 million from 45,000 … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Ah, Super Tuesday. The talking heads will be all atwitter watching the polls in 22 states and waiting to see which Democrat/Republican comes out on top at the end of today’s primary bonanza. There will be a news blackout in this house (as always) until after 10pm. I can’t stand … Continue reading