Randi Rhodes Suspended for Clinton Comments

Randi Rhodes has been suspended from Air America for “making inappropriate statements about prominent figures, including Senator Hillary Clinton” at a recent public event, that were caught on a YouTube video (WARNING: Strong language): I’ve never been much of a talk radio fan, but I used to enjoy listening to Randi’s … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

No kidding, it’s April Fool’s Day and there are a whole lot of April Fools in the news and, alas, none of them are very funny. Just for fun, I thought you all would get a kick out of the footage of GWB getting booed: Bush booed at 2008 Nationals … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Today, was a miserable day. Sure, it was a beautiful sunny day. But, noticing that we have passed a casualty milestone in Iraq and hearing how cold-hearted the Vice-President was, in response to that milestone, broke my heart. Every day, I hope that my soldier will not become part of … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

We got snow for Easter, in my neck of the woods.  As the snow began to melt, today, I could see the first signs of Spring, sprouting up out of the brown ground; the first sprigs of green grass.  I think we are going to need another decent snowstorm, to … Continue reading

Obama and Wright, and the Donkey in the Living Room

I abhor racism. I also abhor sexism, misogyny, gay-hating (“homophobia” is too soft a word), and anti-Semitism. So it is within this context that I address the Jeremiah Wright issue. It makes me sad and angry that people consider Obama’s mentor to be a terrible person because he blames America … Continue reading