Stop the Madness

Last night after watching the video of Olbermann’s special comment directed at Hillary Clinton, I watched the video below (released by Fox News) of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who is “a member of Obama’s African American Religious Leadership Committee.” This does not serve the Obama camp well in my opinion.   Some one … Continue reading

Sexism Rampant in Democratic Primary

A male reader here at The Dem Daily complained in the comments about the Men for Hillary ad running in our left sidebar. Commenter Lee Church called the ad “sexist,” and bemoaned that he finds “it ironic that a sexist ad calls me a sexist.” In my opinion, Lee Church’s … Continue reading

Just Desserts for the Biased Press

Just when I thought this election season was the wackiest and ugliest I had seen in some time, the Clinton campaign provided the laugh of the day… and it was on the press. Via the L.A. Times blog Top Of The Ticket: Hillary Clinton puts the media in its place … Continue reading

At This Point, “Double Standard” Is Ridiculous Understatement

The Web’s most popular liberal forum is on fire because of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 60 Minutes interview about the rumor that Sen. Obama is a Muslim. Obama was careful to say, when it was his turn, that the rumor is offensive to Muslims because of its presumption. Clinton said she … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

I need a vacation. I don’t mean, jus’ some time off. I mean a real vacation, that starts with words like “Bahamas” or “Jamaica” and ends with me nodding off after drinking too many Mojitos. I just got done with what I like to call my “Anti-procrastination Week”. I mean, … Continue reading

I’m a “Whiner”–and I Don’t Intend to Stop Whining

This primary has demonstrated nothing if it has not demonstrated how Americans view misogyny as opposed to racism. Let me begin by stating that I know that the United States is a very racist nation, and nothing I am about to say should be interpreted to mean that I think … Continue reading

A Prediction I Don’t Want to Make: President McCain

Several months ago I predicted a serious schism in the Democratic party if the Edwards and Obama campaigns continued on their chosen courses. When it comes to national politics and decisions that directly affect the health and wealth of the nation, there’s little consolation in saying “I told you so” … Continue reading

I Am a Mom First and a Candidate Second

Hillary Clinton blasted MSNBC’s David Shuster today for his “incredibly offensive” on air remarks about Chelsea Clinton. Shuster, as noted here has apologized and even Keith Olbermann stepped up to the plate an issued his onw apology on behalf of the network last night. But, Hillary Clinton spoke up today … Continue reading

Olbermann on Shuster’s Chelsea Clinton Comment

Keith Olbermann spoke up last night on David Shuster’s shameful and appalling comment about Chelsea Clinton. Olbermann not only condemned his fellow MSNBC journalist’s disgusting remark, but also apologized on behalf of the network, with far more class and dignity than Shuster himself. Watch it here: H/T to Taylor. Howard … Continue reading