Joe Biden is all set to join the office as the 46th President of the United States very soon. This decision is very clear and the Democratic Party has emerged victorious when it comes to the President. However, which party will take over and rule the state of Georgia for the next four years is not yet clear.

The party which will surface as the winner in the state of Georgia will play a major game in determining the real strength and power of the Democratic Party and in specific, of the upcoming President Joe Biden. This is because the party which will win in Georgia will decide which party will become the controller of the United States Senate. The major effectiveness and strength of the administration under Joe Biden will be there if the Democratic Party can win in Georgia (two seats of the Senate). As of now, the Republican Party holds both the seats of the US Senate in Georgia.

The Race for Majority in the US Senate

The Republican Party as of now holds the majority (52 – 48) and is the controller of the United States Senate. If the Democratic Party can win in Georgia and get the two seats of Senate, then the majority will be on the side of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party will not hold the majority in the Senate anymore. The Democratic Party is the controller of the House of Representatives currently.

The Senate elections are due next month and both the parties are leaving no stone unturned while campaigning. On the 4th of December, i.e. Friday, the former President of United States Barack Obama and the current Vice President had campaigned for the candidates of their respective parties standing against each other for the elections. All this is being done for the January elections for the Senate because if the party that controls the Senate and the party of the President is the same, a lot of power is then in the hands of the President.

Therefore, the state of Georgia will play the game-changer in this case. Whichever party wins in Georgia will decide which party will have a majority in the Senate. Obama has said (in a virtual event that the Democratic Party of Georgia had held) that the Georgia elections are the ultimate decider of the fact that whether the complete power will fall into the hands of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and if they will be able to execute all of their commitments governmentally.

The election scenario is still twisted. Donald Trump is not accepting his defeat in the elections properly while the pandemic continues to rise. The Democratic Party is open to talking about the coronavirus pandemic and the pandemic needs to fall. In January 2021, the final result will be in front of the public as to which party will control the Senate of the United States.

By wpadmin