Joe Biden will take over the office as the 46th President of the United States on 20th January 2021. There are various speculations about the fact that how will Biden run his office for the upcoming four years and will his term of office be similar to that of the former President Barack Obama or will he carve out his distinct image as Joe Biden.

Barack Obama was the first Black President of the United States and his elections were dealt with quite a lot of enthusiasm. It was his style and way of working that led him to win the Presidential elections for the second time wherein he served as the President for eight consecutive years.

How is the situation different in the case of Joe Biden?

When Obama became the President, the supporters of Bernie Sanders (Left Bloc of the Democratic Party) did not put any pressure on him and were not forceful during his term as the President. The things are not similar when it comes to the win of Biden. This is because, for these four years, the people of America were subjected to the dictatorial rule led by President Donald Trump. The people strongly opposed this dictatorial rule.

Bernie Sanders’s withdrawal from the race for the choice of the nominee from the Democratic Party paved way for Joe Biden to become the final candidate from Democratic Party contesting in the Presidential elections. However, the supporters of Sanders (with Left programmers) have successfully won, both in the Senate and the Congress as well. When it comes to the State Legislatures, the progressives have shown a better performance with big numbers.

The Problem of Majority that might arise

The current majority of the Senate is in the hands of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is just two seats away from taking over the Republican Party to get the majority. The elections that are going to be held in January 2021 will decide the final winner of the Senate, whether the Republican Party will continue to hold the majority of Democratic Party will succeed.

If the Democratic Party is unable to win the two seats in the Senate to acquire a majority, it would make the administration for Joe Biden very tough. President Donald Trump is planning to contest again for President in 2024 and is very much dissatisfied with the defeat that he is encountering. The Republican Party will use their majority against Joe Biden (used by the GOP) and will block the bills, especially those bills that will make Biden popular amongst Americans.

This will highly affect the administration because Joe Biden will then not be able to freely execute out his schemes. He is currently working on similar lines as Barack Obama when it comes to his policies but the time ahead is going to be tough if the Party is unable to win the two Senate seats.

By wpadmin