Joe Biden will become the President of the United States on 20th January 2020 and serve for the next four-year term. He is choosing and nominating members for his cabinet and his team in general. He has made two more choices for two departments. As the Housing Secretary (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development), Joe Biden has selected Marcia L. Fudge and to be the Agriculture Secretary (United States Department of Agriculture), he has chosen Tom Vilsack.

Diversified Choices for the Cabinet

Marcia Fudge has become the second African-American person (the first one being a retired military officer General Lloyd J. Austin III who was selected by Biden for functioning Pentagon) to make way into the Cabinet of the soon to be 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden. For various posts in his Cabinet, Joe Biden has tried to keep his choice diverse since he had pledged that his team would be a reflection of America itself.

Joe Biden has given the position of Housing Secretary to Marcia Fudge but her name was suggested for heading the Agriculture Department. This is because her allies from Washington had insisted on her becoming the Agriculture Department Head since she wanted to primarily focus on the Hunger Issue that America is facing rather than farming. Also, the South California Democrat, Representative James E. Clyburn who is a firm and major Black supporter of Joe Biden had suggested the name of Marcia Fudge to the upcoming President for the Agriculture Department. However, she has been chosen as the Housing Secretary by Joe Biden.

Tom Vilsack has served the same position that he has got now at the time of Obama’s reign. He was the Agriculture Secretary for eight years and again, this time for the term of Biden, he will join his office as the Agriculture Secretary. He has also served as the Governor of Iowa for two terms. He has supported and campaigned for Joe Biden for the 2020 Presidential Elections.

Joe Biden’s Presidential Term is going to be harder especially when compared to that of Barack Obama. The reason for this is that as of now, the Senate majority lies in the hands of the Republican Party and two seats are required by the Democratic Party to win the final majority. Joe Biden, along with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will have real administrative power in their hands only if they win the majority in the Senate. There is also pressure on Biden regarding his choice for the Cabinet. He is trying to keep them diverse but some communities get dissatisfied. For this, he has to diversify his choices more than that.

President Donald Trump is still against Joe Biden’s victory and a majority of the Republican Party in the Senate would create a problem for Biden, no matter how strong his whole cabinet might be. Therefore, a diversified cabinet full of intellectual people would be an administrative success only if the Democrats get the Senate majority.

By wpadmin