Interview With Google’s President About Yesterday’s Economic Summit (video)

Yesterday, 17 high level economic experts had a long summit with President-Elect Barack Obama. On David Gregorie’s newly renamed new show, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, a guest host had a substantive interview with Google’s President, Eric Schmidt. This is incredibly important work. I thought Schmidt simple and highly practical immediate suggestions were right on target. For example, if the US or Michigan started a movement in Michigan to simply reinsulate homes, and in my opinion, replace appliances with more energy efficient one’s, it would help tremendously with statewide employment and serve as a testing ground to perfect the process of organizing that effort. Once a system is proven in Michigan then it could spread across the county involving the currently unemployed … Continue reading

Pat Buchanan Loves Palin And Reveals Himself A Creationist

On David Gregorie’s MSNBC news show, now renamed 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, hosted by a substitute anchor, Lawrence O’Donell and good ‘ol Pat B got into it pretty big time. O’Donell, finally fed up told Pat that his party celebrated ignorance. Finally O’Donell asked Pat if he believes in evolution. You absolutely must watch this video to get the whole story. Notice Richard Wolffe laughing in the corner of the screen. This is the ultimate in absolutely hitting the nail on the head, and hopefully through the heads of the bastards that run the Right-Wing GOP. This is positive proof of the anti-intellectualism of the far right. What amazed me so much was that Pat Buchanan, when he’s not preaching the … Continue reading

The Boot; or, What the Democrats Should Give Lieberman

Lieberman met with Reid yesterday, and, as HuffPo reported, apparently wants to remaind in the Democratic caucus (and to keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee): Reid offered Lieberman a deal to step down as chairman of the homeland security committee but take over the reins of another subcommittee, likely overseeing economic or small business issues, officials said. Immediately after his meeting with Reid, Lieberman told reporters that he had not made a decision about his future in the caucus, and appeared to launch his first public appeal to members of the Democratic steering committee, whose members decide committee chair assignments. “I completely agree with President-elect Obama that we must now unite to get our economy … Continue reading

Barney’s Damn Grumpy And Sick Of Everything Too

[If you don’t like blunt talk and street language you should move on the next post. BTW, I’ve pretty well had it being nice. I may go off from time to time. 5 years of almost fulltime fighting has left me broke and angry towards those that so damaged our Constitution and the image of America around the world. So screw ’em…and screw ’em every chance we get. Bi-partisan my ass. In the weeks ahead we’ll see if these evil bastards in Congress want to play nice or if we need to kick ass and take names. I’m willing to play nice if they are. Fat chance.] The ultimate in retribution of the truly Right Wing Rushbaby Republican was the … Continue reading

Ten Post Round-Up: Big News In Digestible Bits (Friday, November 7th)

It seems as if everybody is coming down from their collective presidential election hang-over.  President-elect Barack Obama has already begun picking the people who will be in his administration (much to the chagrin of many Progressives).  President Bush is continuing his lame-duck administration, unfortunately, that doesn’t include another lengthy vacation on the Crawford ranch. Right now, I am feeling part, light-hearted and part, apprehensive.  We finally have a president who will bring change and I am confident that he will be a far better president than the guy who currently has the job, so I’m not stressing Obama, right now.  But, then, we still have GWB in office and the news isn’t good, as he’s trying to mix up as … Continue reading

Alaska Hawaii The Election Smells So Fishy

Weirdness in Alaska. We have this odd situation where Ted Stevens, who was polled 22 points down to his challenger after his conviction on seven felony counts of bribery and corruption, is, oddly, winning an Alaskan election where voter turnout is LOWER than it was in 2004.