T. Boone Pickens and Energy

Each of us have seen the extraordinary media swarm of T. Boone Pickens about his Pickens Plan. He has funded this TV campaign out of his own dollars. That’s significant for me. If you believe in something then spend your damn money on it. It proves you really believe. Don’t just ask others to fund your campaign but get in there and use your own capital. He has, to me, proved sincerity and conviction. I have visited his site a couple of times. He has a good written plan on the site. His media portion of the site is actually more interesting to me. He has a very detailed video that I’m including below. I thought it was comprehensive. Yes, … Continue reading

Undecided’s Say Obama Won The Debate and More

Democracy Corps had a focus group of undecided voters in Nevada watch last night’s debate: “Unlike the first debate, when Democracy Corps research showed half the voters remaining undecided and the two candidates splitting the other half, the vote following the second debate showed a decisive shift toward Senator Obama. This debate was a clear victory for Obama who made major gains not just in the vote but also on personal favorability and key attributes like ‘has what it takes to be President,’ which ultimately drove undecided voters into his column.” In addition, Fox News and CNN focus groups of uncommitted voters also said Obama won. In addition a CNN nationwide poll A majority of debate watchers polled thought Obama … Continue reading

Lindsey Trella with the Debate Question of the Night

Amidst a discussion of health care in which both candidates rattled off plans for tax credits, debated employment based health care, and praised electronic health records, it was the question from an audience member that really told of one of those “fundamental differences”.  The question of the night went to Lindsey Trella, “Senator, selling health care coverage in America as the marketable commodity has become a very profitable industry.  Do you believe that health care is a commodity?” Sen. Obama didn’t answer the question head on, but did give an adqueate reply describing the burden that the middle class faces when it comes to health care.  He spoke well of the “moral committment” to address the crisis.  McCain’s language clearly demonstrated that … Continue reading

Aggressive Debate And A Blizzard of Attacks

Maybe after I’ve had more time to think about this goddamn crap I’ll be able to give a better reading of the debate. Obviously both Obama and McCain were more aggressive. The constant contradictions of each other wore on me deeply. There are definite written plans. Why can’t we get any newsperson or moderator who has complete non-partisan analysis and can simply interrupt the speaker, whoever it is, as say, “Sorry, Senator, that’s not true.” The fact that McCain didn’t attack based on the bullshit that Palin has been spreading this week does seem to me that he doesn’t want that kind of campaign. While McCain is willing to let others do the dirty work, he doesn’t want to do … Continue reading

Who’s Calling Who Un-American?

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been busy in recent days trying to paint Barack Obama as un-American. But, according to David Talbot, it’s time to ask who’s calling who un-American: “The Palins’ un-American activities.” Talbot exposes some very ugly info on the company the Palin’s have been keeping in Alaska:

I’ve Never Been As Sad About A Campaign

As most of you have picked up over the months I’ve been in campaigns one way or another since the mid-sixties. (Yes, that dates me a bit but I’m a lot younger than Clint Eastwood and I still wouldn’t tangle with him in a dark alley so 59 doesn’t seem so old to me.) I’ve lived through Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, all the assinations and riots in the street. I’ve left blood on the streets for my belief in the American political process. With all those controversial elements I’ve never seen a more ugly, nasty and mean-spirited campaign. With Sarah Palin chosen for her gender, her attractiveness and a willingness to simply lie as a matter of … Continue reading

McCain Handed a “D” on Veterans’ Issues

A report card put out by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America Action Fund (IAVA) gives Republican candidate John McCain a “D” on his voting record on veterans’ issues.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden both received “B” for their efforts. The report card graded the voting records of all members of Congress based on their support for 11 bills in the Senate and 15 in the House.  The bills ranged on issues from Veterans Health to the GI bill for education to support of Homes for Heroes for homeless veterans.  The report singles out Sen. Biden for his strong work in securing $1.5 billion for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected “MRAP” vehicles to replace the more vulnerable Humvees. This should help … Continue reading

60% Say Economic Depression ‘Likely’

According to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, nearly “six out of ten Americans believe another economic depression is likely.” I wasn’t one of the lucky folks polled, but I have to say I’d be among those “six out of ten Americans” who believe an “economic depression is likely.” From where I sit, the economy has been in the toilet for a while now and I have said so repeatedly here on The Dem Daily. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better and that $700 billion bail out as we all know, won’t do jack for anyone but the big corporate ho’s on Wall Street. There’ll be no bail out for the Mom & Pop shops on Main Street. … Continue reading