Preface to The Declaration of the Democratic Worldview

By John Hank Edson               Dedicated to Barack Obama     History will honor the architects who advance the quality of humanity by improving the structures of democracy.      This Election Day, November 4, 2008, we find ourselves in the midst of an extraordinary and important moment in the history of the United States of America.  In May, 75,000 people overflowed an auditorium in Portland, Oregon to hear Barack Obama give a campaign speech in his run to become the first African American president of our nation.  By the end of May, the Federal Elections Commission reported that so many Americans had donated money to Obama’s campaign that the commission could not keep up with its regulatory oversight duties.  In July, … Continue reading

Mr. President-Elect Barack Obama

At exactly 11:01 EST MSNBC and every other news organization has called the 2008 Presidential election for Barack Obama. The scene with hundreds of thousands of people in Chicago at Grant Park is one of happiness, tears and celebration. Like the song says, ‘signed,sealed, delivered I’m yours.’  That’s President-Elect Obama’s message to us tonight. Can you believe that in 1968 some of us fought and shed blood in that same park? Soon an African-American man and his beautiful family will be the First Family. The ultimate color line has been broken forever.  This is the ultimate realization of the goal of all that blood shed so many years ago in so many ways has been realized. The dogs in Birmingham, … Continue reading

Election Night in Eastport, Maine

It’s election night and after a long break from blogging I decided it was good night to sit down and do some live-blogging. The polls just closed here and CNN is projecting that Obama has taken Maine. I’m happy to say I was able to be a part of the victory for Obama here in Maine. Thankfully I was able to register to vote here today and cast my first vote as a resident of Maine.   The results are pouring in. I’m going to head out and meet some of my new neighbors and then I’ll be backwith more news on the results.

Palin Goes Home…Maybe For Good

It is amazing she wouldn’t say she voted for her own Presidential candidate. I wonder if this isn’t an example of the problems within the McCain-Palin campaign. [UPDATE: It may be possible that Palin was answering a question about her vote on convicted Senator Ted Stevens when she said she ‘would invoke her right to privacy’. Frankly it’s a good answer under the circumstances. Did she vote for McCain? It possible no one asked. She is headed back to Phoenix to rejoin her running mate this evening.] About the update: The Democratic Daily is never going to be deliberately publish an incorrect statement about a candidate. Even Sarah Palin deserves accuracy as best we know it.

A Point for Palin

Sarah Palin has received much deserved criticism on everything from her position of issues, to her lavish wardrobe, to her lack of regular reading, but on election day I thought I would give her a single point of praise.  Palin’s so called release of her medical records showed that her primary care provider is a family physician and this is praiseworthy. The “release of records” came last night in the form of a two page letter by Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, a family physician employed by Providence Alaska Medical Center who was the 2002 Family Physician of the Year as named by the American Academy of Family Physicians.  The letter itself is fairly unrevealing–Palin has sought care almost entirely for women’s health/pregnancy … Continue reading

How CNN Destroyed Its Last Remaining Shred of Credibility

Well, okay, it has some credibility left, but much less now that it’s hired Weekly Standard conspiracy theorist Stephen F. Hayes as a contributor. If you don’t know Hayes — and call yourself lucky if you don’t — he’s made something a name for himself over the past several years pushing the now-discredited Iraq-al Qaeda link, attempting to prove that Saddam and al Qaeda were in cahoots before the Iraq War. Not even Bush believes that anymore, and the theory, though still promoted by the likes of Doug Feith, has largely been abandoned outside of wacky neocon circles. And yet, now he’ll be at CNN peddling his lies and deceptions. (Thank you, “most trusted name in news.”

Karl Rove Predicts Blow Out for Obama

I’ve been lax in blogging since my cross country move to Maine. Settling in here and unpacking has taken up most of my time, but I did not want to let election day pass without chiming in. Karl Rove has predicted an Electoral blow out for Barack Obama today: According to the final 2008 polling map posted on the Rove & Co. website, Obama will take a wide swath of tossup and red states, including Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Colorado and Nevada. The former Bush political adviser predicts McCain will hold on to North Carolina, Florida, Missouri and his home state of Arizona. Obama, according to the Rove map, will win easily by 10 points in Pennsylvania, where McCain has poured significant … Continue reading