Ten Post Round-Up: Big News in Digestible Bits

Tonight is Palin’s big night!  The gawker in me is tempted to watch and play our typical speechification drinking games.  But, if I’m going to spend an evening listening to incoherent people, I’d have much more fun at a neighborhood bar. Still keeping the Ten Post Round-Up simple, today. Before you check out the debate, tonight, you might want to check out Obama Girl promoting her new Sarah Palin movie. On with today’s round-up:

Playing the Odds with Candidates’ Health

A somewhat interesting, though morbid, story from the AP earlier this week by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reviewed actuarial data to estimate the odds Barack Obama or John McCain would finish a term in office.  Actuarial data has been a valid tool used in medical studies for decades and still provide the basis for many principles in medicine. This Atlanta company that specializes in individual life insurance quotes estimates that John McCain would have a 24.44% chance of dieing in office compared to 5.76% for Obama.  Ah, but what about disability?  They crunched the numbers on this one too.  Obama is expected to have another 21.9 healthy years compared to McCain’s 8.4.  This report did not account for unforeseen reasons for finishing the first term … Continue reading

Bill Clinton Goes to Bat for Obama – Biden

Bill Clinton was on the stump today doing some “powerful campaigning in Florida for the first time on Obama’s behalf.” Clinton, Greg Sargent reports on TPM, “laid out an interesting argument against McCain-Palin, claiming that the economy will consume so much of the new president’s attention that the Veep will be forced to play a bigger role on the world stage”… Powerful stuff from Bill Clinton today, who was totally on message:  

Oh My…

Take a look at this comparison video of Palin’s Katie Couric interview, to “Lauren Caitlin Upton, the Miss Teen USA contestant who set off an Internet sensation with her bizarre, rambling question to a geography question” – Battle of the Beauty Contestants! Oh my!

Obama Ahead in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida Quinnipiac University

Barack Obama is leading in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida according to polls conducted by Quinnipiac University (one of Nate Silver’s preferred pollsters so they’re good enough for me). The gains are due to independents moving toward Obama after the debate, the economy turning overall voting confidences to him and Sarah Palin’s declining favorability. I’ll be honest and say I started laughing when I saw that she had a negative favorability rating in Florida and Pennsylvania and is just breaking even in Ohio. I really want to see the change in those numbers after her debate with Joe Biden.  The numbers:  Florida:  Pre-debate: 49 Obama, 43 McCain  Post-debate: 51 Obama, 43 McCain  Of the post-debate numbers, men favor McCain 50-45 while women favor … Continue reading