Palin Twists Madeleine Albright’s Words

I’ve spent the weekend preparing for my move cross country in two weeks and not paying much attention to the news once again. Sorry readers… Once I am relocated (and settled) in beautiful coastal Maine, I’ll be back on track here on The Dem Daily. I was browsing through Memeorandum to check the scoops of the day that I have missed and ran across a couple of pieces about Sarah Palin at a rally here in California.  It’s seems that Palin misquoted former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and then laughed that the media would spin what she said, but the problem for Palin is that she indeed did not get the quote right. So let the media do … Continue reading

Obama Revives Health Care Debate

Finally!  I heard a report on NPR this morning and the Obama website confirms that the Democratic presidential campaign is going to ramp up efforts to discuss health care this week.  Over the next week Sen. Obama will hold over two dozen events in nine battleground states with health care as a major point of emphasis.  Above is a new Obama commercial highlighting the candidates differences on the subject.  If you’re looking to get into this spirit and need some lines to use around the water cooler, try these on for size: McCain will give you a $5,000 tax break on your health insurance, but only after he has created a brand spanking new tax on the employer’s contribution to your premiums.  … Continue reading

Sarah Palin Wins Debate–By darn

by Walter Brasch The vice-presidential debates proved one thing. At the very least, Sarah Palin can be trained. For several days, she had camped out in one of John McCain’s Arizona houses, where she underwent Debate Boot camp conducted by drill instructors who make Marine DIs appear to be slaggers. With a few “darns,” “betchas,” and “ya”s, Palin managed to get all her talking points into the debate, even if she constantly changed the question to suit her note cards. During the 90-minute debate, Palin six times referred to her experience as the mayor of a 6,000 resident village. Seven times, she specifically mentioned Ahmadinejad. Iran’s president, proud she knew the name, proud that she could pronounce it. No one … Continue reading

Well, I Jumped and Become An Official Twitter Person

While I haven’t gotten the complete hang of this thing yet I’ve opened a Twitter account. My ancient cel phone, like the ancient laptop, can actually SMS so I’ll try and do something memorable, or not, fairly often. My life is anything but boring. My forehead is flat from banging it against so many walls. I think you sign up/login then go to my homepage to ‘follow’ my posts. My screen name there is stuarto. If you want to see my page from the outside I guess the address is . I’ll figure it out as I go. (I’ve been called a lot of things, most of them unprintable here at DemDaily. Yet I don’t think yet I’ve ever … Continue reading

Wachovia Dumps Citicorp and Marries Wells Fargo-Great Econ Sign

Wachovia Bank has had serious net worth and financial issues for months. Just last week Wachovia agreed to be merged with Citicorp for $1 a share and an FDIC guarantee against certain losses. Just yesterday Wells Fargo offered $7 a share with no FDIC involvement. It has Citicorp pissed to the walls which is reflected in the linked article. Wells and Wachovia have signed a definitive agreement that has already been approved by their boards. Wells with mark down Wachovia’s loan book of $498 Billion by $74 Billion and its Pick-A-Payment $122 Billion portfolio by $32 Billion. [Pick-A-Payment loans allow the borrow to choose from 4 different payment choices each month: minimum payment (less than interest only meaning the loan … Continue reading

Ten Post Round-Up: Big News in Digestible Bits

Well, it looks like, with a little help from her handlers (and a trusty earpiece) Palin made it through last night’s debate without breaking down like a South Carolina beauty queen.  But, then again, I was enjoying Lemon Meringue Martinis, last night and following along on my Blackberry.  I’m sure I missed the really good stuff. It’s Friday and I am up to my ears with “to-do” lists, so still keeping the Ten Post Round-Up simple, today. It being the weekend and all, if you are dateless, you might considering using this very interesting dating service to find someone to while away the rest of this political season with. On with today’s round-up: