Letterman Thrashes McCain After McCain Cancels Appearance Then Show Up With Couric

David Letterman received a personal phone call from McCain explaining that he had cancel his scheduled appearance to rush to Washington to save the economy. Fine, that’s a reasonable excuse. Letterman was peeved at the whole thing and the beginning of this video shows that clearly. After the show had started, his staff found out that McCain was actually just down the hall taping an interview with Katie Couric. Letterman even cut into the live feed to show the audience. He also shouted questions at the screen. Amazing. This is a piece of classic self-destruction by John McCain. First he says, by his actions, that he can’t handle two important things at once; The Economy and The Debate. If that’s … Continue reading

CNN’s Campbell Brown Call’s Out Sarah Palin. Olbermann Next?

Using a new tact, calling the blanket non-coverage of Sarah Palin by the media a sexist tactic, she called for the same treatment as every other candidate in the race. While Keith Olbermann mentions this unprecented isolation of a national candidate every night, I hope he gets mad and does a full length ‘Special Comment’. If CNN is giving their reporter the latitude to call her out, albeit from a different direction, and Fox has made comments along the same line, then the McCain campaign is about to come under attack from all the press. Let’s keep up the pressure.

Ten Post Round-Up

Wow. I’m suffering from a lack of wit, today.  Just like your average political candidate, I’m feeling pretty much like I’m full of sh…um…stuff that I appear to be having trouble expressing. Despite the new network television shows premiering this week, I still can’t get enough of the Obama-McCain show.  I really love those hard-hitting reality shows.  It will be a shame when this season is over. (Excuse me, while I put some ice on my nose…almost knocked over my laptop with that last whopper!) On the plus side, there is plenty of reality in today’s Ten Post Round-Up.  You might find some whoppers in there, too. Before we proceed, please take a gander at the latest episode of “So … Continue reading

Int’l Child Relief NGO Needs Our Votes…1.5Million At Stake

International Medical Corps “Saving The Lives of Malnourished Children” has been chosen as one of the Top 25 of American Express’ Members Project.  Chosen out of 1,190 projects, “Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children” is now eligible to receive up to $1.5 million in funding. International Medical Corps is one of the Top 25 finalists. Right now IMC is #5 of 25 in current voting according to the Members Project. That guarantees them some cash but if they win they receive the $1.5 million winner’s share. The winners (Top 5) will be decided by net voting. One unfortunate fact is that you have to be an American Express Cardholder to actually vote. That burns me but since it’s ‘The Members … Continue reading

Ten Post Round-Up

Even without a clock or a calendar anyone with a radio or a television can see that we are coming down to the wire in this political season.  The ads are getting nastier and the blowhards talking heads are getting louder. Maybe some of you will find something to help you forget all that nonsense in today’s Ten Post Round-Up…On second thought, I doubt it (*wink*). Before we go any further, I must ask you a question: Does it bother you when McCain plays “the age card”?

Hillary Clinton: “No Doubt” Obama Will Be Next President

In an interview this morning on CBS‘s “The Early Show,” Senator Hillary Clinton said “Barack Obama is going to be elected the next president and that she has “no doubt” about it.” Clinton also said that while she recognizes that race and gender play a role in the minds of voters as they make their presidential choices, she believes enough people want change from Republican policies to put Obama over the top in November. Referencing Republican nominee John McCain, Clinton said that “he has a record of supporting deregulation of business.”

The Gay Man and the Senator

A question from Michael Rogers: Which nominee for President of the United States is homophobic and has a gay chief of staff at his Senate office in Washington, DC? A. John McCain B. Barack Obama That’s right, McCain’s chief of staff, Mark Buse, is gay. (Rogers and SiriusXM radio host Michelangelo Signorile have outed him.) Which doesn’t bother me at all. He can be, and should be allowed to be, whatever he is, and if he’s gay, so be it. No, what bothers me — and many others, of course — is that Buse is working for McCain, who is running on an extremist social conservative platform that includes the gay-bashing agenda of the homophobic right (now central to the … Continue reading

Dodd’s Alternative to the Bail Out Plan

I’ve just finished reading the key points to Senator Chris Dodd’s alternative to the bail out plan and I have to say I agree with the folks like Paul Krugman who are saying this is more like it — it’s a “step in the right direction.” The thing is, as Krugman points out: Paulson displayed a lot of arrogance here — he basically marched in and said Daddy knows best, don’t worry your pretty little heads about the details. He offered no, zero, zilch explanation of how the plan was supposed to work — just “it’s a crisis and we need to act now.” And he overreached, especially with that demand for immunity from any review. Dodd’s plan includes the … Continue reading