Religious Fundamentalism in All Shapes and Forms – France Edition

From Le Nouvel Observateur, we get this appalling story. Here is how it goes, a man sues a hospital because his baby is born handicapped due to neurological problems during labor. Pretty straightforward, huh? Not so: the child is now disabled because when problems arose during labor, the father physically … Continue reading

Clinton Asks Pledged Delegates To Support Obama (UPDATED)

Marc Ambinder reports today that “multiple Democratic sources” say Hillary Clinton, “in a series of private conversations and conference calls, continues to urge her pledged delegates to vote for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention.” Clinton plans a series of calls with superdelegates, interest groups and state delegations over … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Until they invent a robot that can read you the news as you wake up to your morning alarm, you will have to settle for this Ten Post Round-Up. Batteries not included. 1: Before there was Cindy, there was Carol… John McCain’s first wife—AMERICAblog 2: Do you feel old, yet? … Continue reading

Price of Gas Affecting More Than Travel

ELYSBURG, Pa.–Registration at the annual Colonial Classic and Pennsylvania State Shoot is down 15–20 percent this year. The problems are both the increase in the price of gas and the economy says Bruce Murphy, president of the Pennsylvania State Sportsmen’s Association, which sponsors one of the nation’s largest trap shoot … Continue reading

In Which Tony Karon and I Share Contempt for Tony Blair

Cross-posted from The Global Sociology Blog. Everybody should read Tony Karon’s blog, Rootless Cosmopolitan , as a general rule. But I want to point out one item: “Converted to Catholicism, ‘e did. And now he’s out to save the world . The problem with the idea of a global conversation … Continue reading

Book Review – The Wisdom of Whores

Elizabeth Pisani’s The Wisdom of Whores – Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS is a great book (along with a great website ). Elizabeth Pisani is an epidemiologist with years of experience working on HIV/AIDS (or sex and drugs, as she puts, which sounds a lot, well, sexier) at … Continue reading