Ten Post Round-Up: Halloween Edition

Good morning you ghouls and goblins and you imps of progressive political mischief (you know who you are). Pull up your candy corn and morning cuppa for a special Halloween edition of today’s Ten Post Round-Up. There are only 4 days left before we experience some kind of change in the political, national, and international landscape.  If that doesn’t scare you, then nothing will! But, honestly, you haven’t seen scary until you have checked out this YouTube.  It’s positively eerie: “Thriller”… with Legos

The Lies and Distortions By McCain Of His Career and Life (video)

Rolling Stone has published a cover story on John McCain that has the most damning, well documented biography of his life I’ve seen. I thought I knew the deceptions of John McCain. I didn’t know one-tenth of the real story. I won’t try to summarize this lengthy article. There is simply too much data, too much collaboration and too much much shocking evidence of this mans total disqualification from the highest office in the land. While this article is lengthy it must be read and spread as far as our readers can spread it. Trying to summarize the evidence in the article is impossible. As any well written piece, the narrative builds on itself to an inescapable conclusion. John McCain, … Continue reading

FLASH! Michael Goldfarb Found!

(See yesterday’s post,”Gee. Where’s Michael Goldfarb?“) Goldfarb located on Google radar (@ 11:28 AM, 30Oct2008) … McCain, Palin demand L.A. Times release Obama video Los Angeles Times, CA – 18 minutes ago Asked to comment on McCain’s involvement with the Khalidi institute, campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb replied, “You all can get a response as soon as you hand over the videotape.” Gosh.

Ten Post Round-Up: Big News In Digestible Bits (Thursday, October 30th)

I don’t have anything really snarky to say, today.  I’m plotting my post for tomorrow (specially Halloween edition) and so all the really cool stuff I could say about today’s post pretty much ended up on the cutting room floor.  So, take today’s Ten Post Round-Up with a grain of salt and your morning cuppa and remember that in less than one week, we WILL have a new president, whether you like him or not (Mwahhahahahaha!)…no, seriously. As if you haven’t heard about enough polls, this election, take some time to check out this poll of the World of Warcraft online community: Election Duel! Obama V. McCain – Who Get’s Pwned?

Settling In At The End Of The Middle Of No Where

Greetings Readers… I wanted to check in briefly and let you all know that I have not dropped off the face of the earth since embarking on my journey across country to move to Maine. I am settling in here in Eastport, Maine, my new home, which my daughter has dubbed the ‘end of the middle of no where.’ The air is clean and fresh here (and cold), the scenery is just spectacular and the people are friendly and welcoming. The entire trip across country was quite an adventure, which I will write more about once I am settled in and election day is over. Many thanks to Stuart, Hart, Michael and all the writers here for keeping The Dem … Continue reading

Idiot of the Day: Dennis Prager

For saying this: “Equality, which is the primary value of the left, is a European value, not an American value.” Apparently Prager isn’t familiar with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. I’d call him a dangerous idiot, but does anyone outside his partisan echo chamber really care what Prager thinks about anything?

The Obama Half Hour Just Ended (Full Video)

I have to say Barack Obama touched my heart deeply and resulted in frank, overt emotion. It was a series of stories with brilliant, honest connections that we all can understand. Think of it: His own emotional story of his mother’s death. The horrid story of the woman without the insurance for her medications. Imagine the story of the third generation Ford plant worker in Louisville cut back to working every other week. Think his wife who has now lost her job. Was there anything somewhere in that series of stories that there that didn’t trigger some story, some memory, some emotion of family history, about some member of your family? This was, for me, the transcendent moment of this … Continue reading