McCain Aide Schmidt Blasts New York Times on Conference Call and Gets Smacked Down

McCain aide Rick Davis wasn’t too happy today about being called out by the NY Times, on his ties to Fannie & Freddie and particularly the role he “played in helping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac beat back regulatory challenges when he served as president of their advocacy group, the Homeownership Alliance, formed in the summer of 2000.” Davis and fellow McCain aide Steve Schmidt took out their frustrations on the NY Times on a conference today: Marc Ambinder has some of the text from the call here. Schmidt was just a tad “touchy” about “about being pegged as liars.” Ben Smith noted on Politico that “the call was so rife with simple, often inexplicable misstatements of fact that it … Continue reading

About That Blank Check

I spent the weekend preparing for my move cross country, which I have been alluding to here for a while. I will finally be posting about it later this week. What I can tell readers now, is that the planned move has arisen out of the financial crisis our country is in. As I noted here last Monday when the news started emerging on how deep the crisis is, as a “small business owner, I’ve watched my sales slide downward for the past couple of years.” I’ve reached a point that simply put, if I want to stay in business, I need to move somewhere that is more economical to live. That said, let’s talk about that blank check that … Continue reading

Ten Post Round-Up

Two good things about Fall: 1) fashionable clothes that don’t require the revealing of copious amounts of skin and 2) only a few more weeks left in this election cycle. Thankfully, I have the first one sewn up, easily, since Fall fashions favor big girls, like me.  But, this continuing election cycle is getting on my last nerve.  Now, with the economy in full-blown crisis mode, the yammering from both sides of the political spectrum is really making me long for the days when the latest news I read about came from a Scholastic Newsletter. But, like any good blogger, I cannot look away from the spectacle that is this (or any) election cycle and so, I will dutifully post … Continue reading

The Unfinished Bail-Out Bill And Some History Of Another Crisis

First, this isn’t Bush’s plan. It’s the plan of experienced financial leadership, in government and mostly outside, of pretty realistic people trying to overcome the bullshit passed years ago that caused this mess. Bush couldn’t explain the details of this plan if he had a….well he just couldn’t. [This is a long post but please stick with it.] The leadership in Congress, also, has made it clear that the homeowner and middle class has to be included or it’s not going to pass. The leadership, however,  isn’t in a real strong position. If they don’t pass some bill, even an interim bill, then they will be blamed for a possible meltdown. And the election will go to McCain. If Bush … Continue reading

One Week in the Flipping and Flopping and General Cluelessness of John McCain

The USA Today published a useful editorial on Friday recapping McCain’s “many gyrations” in response to the financial crisis. You know, first the economy is fundamentally strong, then there’s a crisis, then he’s a Reaganite deregulator, then he’s some would-be Teddy Roosevelt reformer. What’s the truth? Well, who knows? But he’s certainly not TR. Throughout his political career, in fact, behind the faux maverick facade and fawning media coverage, McCain has been whatever he’s needed to be at any given time, a shameless, money-grubbing opportunist. If anything, his history, with respect to the economy, has been to cozy up to big-time lobbyists and play quid pro quo with Big Telecom, Big Alcohol, Big Gaming, and any other Big Industry that … Continue reading

The US and The World Looks At Wall Street

Last week I was adamant that the sky wasn’t falling in on us as a result of Wall Street’s instability. I still believe that is true. It is also true, however, that the government has to take quick action, and I mean over the weekend, or we may be in deep bandini. There are so many reports and so many news stories that I’m simply going to list some US and International media links and let you, our reader, select which one’s to read. To write a comprehensive analysis would take a book…and you can bet a bunch are already started. McCain, Obama spar over Wall Street crisis [The Hill] Video:Obama Calls For Help On ‘Main Street’ [AP] Meltdown Puts … Continue reading

Landrieu Smackdown Of Opponent: A Classic

This one speaks for itself. While Mary Landrieu is no favorite of many ‘progressives’, she’s the Democrat we can get elected in the simply nutty political system of Louisiana. I love this attack ad just released. Good for her. She’s not only holding her own in that crazy Republican state she’s once again winning.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton Discuss Women’s Issues

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton sat down together for a web cast with questions from women on the issues that are most important to them. Watch the video here: As a single mother and a small business owner, I have to say they addressed a lot of issues that important to me, including health care, social security, choice and equal pay. And, speaking of women’s issues, Big Ten Battleground Poll, a public opinion survey of Midwest voters, shows that “Obama has an advantage among women in the region, including double-digit leads over McCain in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We need to keep that advantage and make sure it spreads through out the country. [Originally posted at]