Wrong Track

The latest NEWSWEEK poll shows Obama opening up a double digit lead over John McCain and “An astounding 86 percent of voters now say they are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States, while a mere 10 percent say they are satisfied.” That’s the highest wrong track/right track ratio ever recorded in the NEWSWEEK poll. The “historic boiling over of dissatisfaction with the status quo” is the cause of the “surge in support” for Obama. It’s a “GOP trainwreck waiting to happen“…. Putting it into context in terms of “just how toxic these numbers could be for the Republic party, consider that in October, 2006, weeks before the Democrats swept control of both houses of Congress, only … Continue reading

Christopher Buckley Voting for Obama

Christopher Buckley, son of William F. Buckley, announced today on his blog, The Daily Beast that he is voting for Barack Obama. Buckley said: Let me be the latest conservative/libertarian/whatever to leap onto the Barack Obama bandwagon. It’s a good thing my dear old mum and pup are no longer alive. They’d cut off my allowance. Buckley goes on to make his case against voting for John McCain and explain why he’s supporting Obama. It’s a very good read: “Sorry, Dad, I’m Voting for Obama.”

Palin Abused Powers

It’s official…. “A legislative investigation” in Alaska “has concluded that Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power in pushing for the firing of an Alaska state trooper who was once married to her sister, or by failing to prevent her husband Todd from doing so.” The report by investigator Steve Branchflower was made public late this afternoon by a bipartisan 12-0 vote of the Legislative Council, which authorized the investigation. Branchflower’s report contains four findings. The first concludes that Palin violated the state’s executive branch ethics act, which says that “each public officer holds office as a public trust, and any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation of that trust.”   The Troopergate investigation … Continue reading

McCain Trading In His Character To Chase The News Cycle

That headline comes from a communications professional, Kimberly Krautter, publisher of The Body Politic. “When the chips are down for a candidate, he often cries foul when his opponent airs an ad that challenges his record and turns the candidate’s words or votes against him. Frankly, in the world of advertising and marketing, that’s considered fair play. Think about the famous “Pepsi Taste Challenge” from the 1980s. While the tone of such an ad might be “contrary”, it’s not truly “negative.” A negative ad/attack ad is one that gets nasty and personal and takes the discourse away from the issues and fails to promote the platform – the advertiser candidate’s vision for the future should he be elected. Over the … Continue reading

Financial Chaos Sweeping the World

Well folks, as you sit down with your morning cup of coffee and you prepare to delve into the financial headlines you might want to pour a stiff shot of something to sweeten that coffee, that is if you can afford the price of a good bottle of liquor. Here’s a round of the early morning financial news… It’s not pretty: Houston Chronicle: Stocks are on track for their worst year since 1937 NY Times: Nations Weighing Global Approach as Chaos Spreads IHT: Iceland is all but officially bankrupt Guardian UK: Gordon Brown considers legal action against Iceland Nouriel Roubini: The world is at severe risk of a global systemic financial meltdown and a severe global depression Paul Krugman: Moment of … Continue reading

GOP Trainwreck Waiting to Happen

If the predictions are on the money, the signs are all there for a trainwreck for the GOP, come November… Chris Cillizza has pieced it all together on The Fix, noting “a column from Stu Rothenberg who, along with former Fix boss Charlie Cook stands atop the congressional handicapping game in Washington, in which Stu declares that the GOP stands on the precipice of an electoral “bloodbath.”” Cillizza also says:

‘Rednecks for Obama’ Making News

Rednecks for Obama are back in the news again today. I wrote about them back in late August. Here’s the latest: Tony Viessman, 74, and Les Spencer, 60, got politically active last year when it occurred to them there must be other lower income, rural, beer-drinking, gun-loving, NASCAR race enthusiasts fed up with business as usual in Washington. Viessman had a red, white and blue “Rednecks for Obama” banner made, and began causing a stir in Missouri, which has emerged as a key battleground in the run-up to the November 4 presidential election. “I didn’t expect it would get as much steam and attention as it’s gotten,” Spencer told AFP on the campus of Washington University in Saint Louis, the … Continue reading

Biden Puts The Challenge Directly In McCain’s Face

“In my neighborhood, when you’ve got something to say to a guy, you look him in the eye and you say it to him.” — Sen. Joe Biden, quoted by NBC News, pressing Sen. Barack Obama’s challenge to Sen. John McCain for next week’s debate.  Biden added a “personal touch to the idea that McCain wasn’t willing” to make attacks on Obama “in person.” H/T Political Wire.