Colin Powell On Meet The Press Sunday. Obama Endorsement?

This an item from Political Wire so let me give them their Hat Tip up front. All Eyes on Powell Sources close to former Secretary of State Colin Powell cautioned that his support for Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain “might stop short of a formal endorsement when he’s interviewed on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday,” according to the New York Daily News. “Given Powell’s cautious nature, he might decide to make his endorsement of Obama implied, rather than explicit. Even so, a well-informed source told the Daily News: ‘After Sunday people aren’t going to have any doubt who he’s voting for.’”

Quote of the Day: Peggy Noonan on Sarah Palin

Most of Peggy Noonan’s column in yesterday’s WSJ was predictably awful: — McCain won the debate on Wednesday? Really? — McCain succeeded in ridiculing Obama’s “eloquence”? Seriously, what debate was she watching, and from the confines of what alternate un-reality? — The election is “infantilizing”? Why, because the guy she doesn’t like is winning? — Palin could have been another Truman? Come now, that’s just plain stupid. But it also contained this, which is our one-day-late QotD: But we have seen Mrs. Palin on the national stage for seven weeks now, and there is little sign that she has the tools, the equipment, the knowledge or the philosophical grounding one hopes for, and expects, in a holder of high office. … Continue reading

Where are The Democratic Election Attorney’s ?

The Republican legal machine has already filed protests in many states. I have one question: where is the Democratic legal team in every state? Where are the previously prepared responses that can activate within 2 hours? Anticipating the problems and challenges is the job of election observers and election attorneys. Just like Obama had some pre-shot commercials ready to run immediately after some of the debates, we need predetermined positions for attorneys. That’s a good communications strategy and tactic. If you saw the movie “Recount’ you know the Republicans play for blood. In that election the Democrats played for fairness. Guess who got the election? How many lives might have been saved if we had simply had a junkyard dog … Continue reading

And the WaPo Endorses…

Barack Obama. No surprise there, though the Post is hardly a bastion of liberalism and pro-Democratic sentiment, regardless of what the finger-pointing self-victimizers of the right may have to say about it. It’s actually not a bad endorsement — well, actually, it’s quite good — with most of it focusing on Obama’s many positive qualities and policy positions, including praising him on foreign policy, health care, education, and the economy. And this is especially nice: Mr. Obama is a man of supple intelligence, with a nuanced grasp of complex issues and evident skill at conciliation and consensus-building. At home, we believe, he would respond to the economic cisis with a healthy respect for markets tempered by justified dismay over rising … Continue reading

On Behalf of Our National Joes

Plumbers disavow Joe Boston Globe – 1 hour ago By Brian C. Mooney, Globe Staff Real plumbers don’t like Joe. Or at least the ones supporting Democrat Barack Obama. About 100 union plumbers from a Boston-based local plan to knock on union members’ doors Saturday in Portsmouth, NH, … It ain’t easy being a Joe. Names are important, and some names can be murder: And he said: “Son, this world is rough And if a man’s gonna make it, he’s gotta be tough And I knew I wouldn’t be there to help ya along. So I give ya that name and I said goodbye I knew you’d have to get tough or die And it’s the name that helped to … Continue reading

State Of Denial

Since the third and last, (thank god), debate I’ve essentially over-occupied myself with reading one of the most instructive and yet discouraging books I’ve ever read: State of Denial by Bob Woodward. While many of you may have pushed through this very detailed account of the actual execution of war planning and war execution, I’ve purposefully avoided all of the Woodward books on the Bush White House. I assumed I would be depressed beyond easy tolerance. I was right. If ever there was a primer on how to not plan or run a war; or to encourage a slap upside the heads of the various military, intelligence and executive bureaucracies this is it. I’ve never read a more ridiculous assortment … Continue reading

McCain Signs Weren’t “Grassroots”

Hi there. Hart Williams here. I am guest-blogging for a few days at the kind invitation of Pamela Leavey, and it’s good to see you. Here’s something that you might have seen and not quite noticed. … Let’s pass over the Rovian Campaign of McCain’s dual smoke screen/smears, the ACORN kerfuffle to mask REAL voter disenfranchisement, and the continuing bogus attack on Ayers (guilt by free association), as shoved forward by Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal. But keep them in mind as you read this. They’re all of a piece. In last night’s debate, John McCain made a huffy defense of the people at his rallies, yelling out those awful things: MCCAIN: Let me just say categorically I’m proud of … Continue reading