Dow Slides 394 Points, Oil Surges $11 to Record $138, More Job Loss

The Dow slide 394 points today while “crude oil prices spiked over $138.” There is no relief in sight on the rising oil prices. The pain at the pumps has been excruciating in recent weeks. Today, oil prices “shot up nearly $11 a barrel” and settled “at a record $138.54 on geopolitical … Continue reading

Clinton and Obama Have A Secret Sit Down

Last night the word of a secret meeting between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama started to eek into the media. The two “ditched their traveling entourages, eluded camera crews across town and startled many of their own advisers as they held their first private meeting since becoming archrivals for the … Continue reading

To Senator Clinton

This is what I wrote on Senator Clinton’s website, reproduced here as per Pamela’s request. Dear Senator Clinton, we need you. By now, I know you will suspend your campaign and endorse Senator Obama. This makes me incredibly sad, but I respect your decision and will continue to support you. … Continue reading