Link to Financial Plan to Save Main Street

Contrary to the media’s constant harping this action bails-out Main Street, so we can all get car loans, student loans, credit loans to support our business. If this doesn’t happen then yes the financial markets will meltdown but the impact will be felt most heavily on our homes, on our employers, on our businesses and more. The servers are jammed. Try again and again. UPDATE (from Pamela): CNN Money has the draft of the plan here in PDF. UPDATE 2 (from Pamela): The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

I’m So Sick Of A Parody Of Spinning and Lies

I’ve been a Communications Director. I’ve been in the back of the room restating my candidates words to best effect. I’m good at it. Sorry. That’s not modest yet I believe it true. I’ve sure had a lot of practice trying to bring voters to my candidates point of view or candidacy either in an audience format or one-on-one. That’s never easy if you are converting deeply Republican or opposition voters. Do you know the one thing I’ve never had to do? LIE. Yet again and again, as I’ve monitored these last crucial days I’ve seen Republican strategiests simply lie. If I had seen a Democratic strategist lie I would call them on it too. I just saw a Republican … Continue reading

Down East Here I Come!

Over the past few weeks I have noted in a few posts that I am preparing to move across country. I’ve kept meaning to write more about the move and let readers know what’s up but have been so busy with all the preparations, that I haven’t had time to blog about much of anything some days (once I am re-settled in my new home Down East, I’ll be writing more). So here’s the scoop, readers… After 19 long years of living in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley), I am moving back to the East Coast. I am originally from a small city on the coast of Massachusetts — Newburyport. I am heading further North in my move however, and … Continue reading

More on Last Night’s Debate After a Night’s Sleep

I am, by nature, an aggressive political speaker much like Joe Biden. [This is Video of a speech after the Republican Convention.] In a debate I take my opposition by the ankles and use them for a golf club if the facts are so completely on my side. This serves well in Congressional elections or state offices. For a Presidential Debate it is counter productive. After a night’s sleep and listening to various analysis I believe that Obama did an acceptable job in all parts of the debate and he excelled in some. He corrected the domestic and foreign record record, reacting calmly and deliberately. Barrack Obama flatly won the foreign policy debate. On the ‘earmarks’ condemnation from McCain, his … Continue reading

I’m Not Happy With This Debate…But It Was Acceptable

This is going to be very short.  John McCain did better than I wanted. McCain was dismissive towards Obama. In several places McCain simply attacked Obama’s judgment and integrity. In the beginning Obama was tying McCain to Bush. Then he let him off the hook. Why? When McCain was simply talking nothing but lies why the hell didn’t Obama simply get into the microphone and start demanding the truth. It’s called getting aggressive.  He should have gotten in McCain’s face. While he looked presidential and strong I’m not sure Obama was in McCain’s face when he should have been. Interrupt the son of a bitch when he simply lies about your record. People like an aggressive person who’s willing to … Continue reading

Amazing Extended Video About McCain’s Health (short version banned)

The 60 second version of this video has been withdrawn by MSNBC and refused by Fox and CNN. Watch this longer video that goes into detail about the questions of his health. This video asks questions by doctors and in a very specific manner. This site is called The Real John McCain. There is a petition to support the demand for complete health information. While McCain’s campaign has released nearly 1200 pages of medical information. Reporters, even medical doctors, were limited to 3 hours to examine all nearly 1200 pages with no electronic devices, photos or cel phones allowed. That was an amazing tactic that effectively eliiminated the entire topic. This video has some specific medical information that was new … Continue reading