The Unfeeling President Should Be Held Accountable

Editor’s Note: The Democratic Daily is posting our first Guest Blog today. We strive to continually bring our readers news, views and opinions with a common sense approach and we seek to tear down the walls that have been built up for so long by the Noise Machine, that barricade the truth. We’ve all watched in recent days as the MSM has woken from their deep slumber by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the failure of our federal government in the Gulf Coast. We all hope that this is the start of new beginning. Many thanks to Carla Binion for sending this our way… The Unfeeling President Should Be Held Accountable By Carla Binion The novelist E. L. … Continue reading

What went wrong in hurricane crisis?

What went wrong in hurricane crisis? Why did it take so long for help to arrive? Were warnings ignored? By Stone Phillips Anchor Dateline NBC Updated: 10:48 p.m. ET Sept. 9, 2005 Looking back at it now, at the devastating destruction across the Gulf region, at one of America’s most beloved cities under water, at all the unimaginable human anguish, it’s hard to conceive that events unfolded as painfully as they did. Just as in the aftermath of 9/11, tough questions are being asked. How much of the damage done by this catastrophic storm could have been prevented? What did the government know before Katrina hit? What went wrong? And who is accountable? “Dateline” talked to some of those who … Continue reading

Bush Voters Were Truly Misinformed

“Why did you come to Casablanca, Rick?” “I came here for the ocean” “What ocean? we’re in the desert.” “I was misinformed.” This famous dialogue from the 1942 hit movie Casablanca, could also be written for a Bush voter: they really were misinformed. Checkout these numbers from the University of Maryland Program on International Policy Atttitudes (PIPA). This is NOT some partisan group, indeed the PIPA is underwritten by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Ford Foundation, hardly ultra-left-wing organizations. The following can be found in the updated edition of John Dean’s Worse Than Watergate (pg. 203-04). 72% of Bush voters believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Only 26% of Kerry voters had this misconception.

John Edwards New America Initiative

Former Senator John Edwards has developed a New America Initiative to set up a program modeled after the depression era Works Progress Administration. The WPA put many people out of work during the depression in public works jobs around the country. This initiative would use the same principle: put the people who are displaced and jobless back to work rebuilding their own communities. No sweet deals to Haliburton and other Bush connected businesses, give people like Donnie From Houma, the chance to put those Federal dollars to work where they are needed, not in some CEO’s NYSE account. Continue reading

Court Rules U.S. Can Indefinitely Detain Citizens in Wartime

A federal appeals court ruled today that the president can indefinitely detain a U.S. citizen captured on U.S. soil in the absence of criminal charges, holding that such authority is vital during wartime to protect the nation from terrorist attacks.

The decision was written by Judge J. Michael Luttig, who is one of a number of people under consideration by President Bush for nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Continue reading

John Kerry Offers Major Package of Legislation to Help Small Businesses, Others Devastated by Hurricane Katrina

It is clear that our government failed the people of the Gulf Coast. In time, those responsible will be held accountable for what has gone right and what has gone wrong. Right now, we need to make up for lost time and help any way we can, and that means targeting the fastest relief possible,” said Senator Kerry Continue reading

FEMA: The Red Tape Federal Agency

What on Earth are these people thinking? We’ve had tales from across the country of people rushing to help in the Gulf Coast only to be turned away or left waiting for FEMA to do their job. Here’s yet another, of a trucker turned victim by FEMA… Trucker Stranded With Load Of Water For Hurricane Victims KNBC-TV – LOS ANGELES – A trucker who volunteered to carry supplies to hurricane-ravaged communities has been stranded for nearly one week in Mississippi. Phillip Jacobs, a driver for American Nickell Carriers, remained stranded Thursday night in the Gulfport, Miss., area. He has been communicating with the Ontario company and family members through online messages.