How Elitist and Out of Touch Can the MSM Get? Even You Will be Surprised

The Washington Post is NOT a liberal newspaper! Yes let it be said: in today’s world the paper that broke open the Watergate scandal is a bland, right-wing shill. If the same attitude at the Post had prevailed in the 1970s, Watergate would just be another hotel in Washington-only affordable to people who make the kind of money that, well, many editors and journalists at the Post make. Even worse, the WaPo is very anti-union- just look at how they treat their own employees. The mailers at the Post haven’t had a raise in years. Of course, if there are no mailers, the WaPo doesn’t get out to its subscribers. The folks who make the revenues happen at WaPo are … Continue reading

Pamela to see JK & THK!

Heads up! Pamela is out in the field today to see John Kerry speak in California on immigration issues. Teresa will accompany John. As far as I know, there will be three speeches and Pamela will hopefully be able to navigate quickly enough to be in attendance for all of them. Wish her well! Consider this an open thread.

When Will the Bush Administration Get It?

Senator Kerry’s excellent op-ed piece today correctly puts the onus on the Iraqi government, not the U.S., to resolve the impasse in forming the government and stopping the civil war. Unless the Iraqis get serious about governing their own country and solving their own problems, we will have to leave. The role of the U.S. military is not to referee a civil war. The conflict in Iraq is not about our presence or terrorism. It’s about sectarian tensions that the Iraqi government has failed to address. The presence of over 100,000 U.S. military personnel longer has any bearing on whether or not Iraq’s civil war will continue. We cannot stop that conflict militarily not can we choose a side. If … Continue reading

Good for John: Attaboy!

John Kerry’s argument in today’s New York Times hits the nail on the head. As someone who has known him since we both served on Swift Boats in Vietnam, I know that John at his best is a voice of reason and action and conscience. Today he clearly understands that we have allowed ourselves to become referees in the middle of burgeoning Civil War, an untenable and unwinnable position. John calls for the right mix of toughness, diplomacy, involvement of the other Middle Eastern States and the United Nations (all of who have at least as big a stake in a secure, stable, and peaceful Iraq as the United States) to address the situation. Most importantly, he gets tough – … Continue reading