After Rita: On The Ground in Houma, LA

The Democratic Daily’s Donnie in Houma, LA has emailed to let us know he is okay. His parrish, Terrebonne has sustained some serious flooding according to CNN. Here’s some quips from the email from Donnie: Pamela, I had to swallow my pride and sign up with aol to get on the web. Winds picked back up last night, and continue to pound us. Last night was a concert of transformers exploding. What I thought was the end, ended up turning out to be the calm before the storm. Lost my TV cable last night at about 10:40, and I have roadrunner. I am just getting to go back online, by actually going with AOL that I loath.

The March – Reports from the Ground

The March is on in Washington, D.C. The anti-war movement march today, heralded by Cindy Sheehan, is massive to say the least… Word from the ground, via phone conversations with Mario Romero, who is in the thick of it with members of PDA, is that there are 250,000 – 300,000 people there. William Rivers Pitt is liveblogging at Pitt earlier reported there “more than a hundred thousand people here.” I mentioned that to Mario, he caught up with William and they agreed Mario’s estimate was correct. Mario says “The crowd keeps growing and could very well reach a half million.” The MSM is reporting “tens of thousands.” The crowd is so huge they are barely moving.

Pentagon Sending 500 Soldiers to Louisiana

The Pentagon on Saturday was sending about 500 active-duty soldiers to the areas of Louisiana hit by Hurricane Rita and said about 27,000 National Guardsmen were ready to respond in Texas and Louisiana. Five mortuary teams went to Texas. Troops from the 82nd Airborne Division headed to Lafayette, La., about 135 miles west of New Orleans, to help with search-and-rescue efforts, said division commander Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell. He said about 3,200 of his soldiers would be prepared to go to Lafayette by Sunday, if needed. Where was this response a month ago when Hurricane Katrina blew in? Bush could not be bothered to cut his vacation short, now after hard lessons learned he’s patting himself on the back… “It … Continue reading

McKinney-Vento Act

A number of states, including Utah and Texas, want to teach some of the dispersed Gulf Coast students in shelters instead of in local public schools, a stance supported by the Bush administration and some private education providers. But advocates for homeless families and civil rights oppose that approach. Continue reading

‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’

Skimming through the New York Times this morning, came across this article, Art of the Internet, which lead me to Karmagrrrl’s blog. Watch the video she made with Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”