Trying to Make Sense of Cheney’s Hunting Accident

The information released about Harry Whittington’s condition and complications is apalling on the surface. Going a little deeper between the lines brings up some questions and a few correlations that the average reader would miss. I have worked on a “step down unit” like the one Whittington was transferred to for six years. In a hospital with a state-of -the-art heart center and the cardiologists to make it probably the best place to go in Denver metro if you are having chest pain*. I also have hunted, birds and large game. My analysis of the care and status of Mr. Whittington is based on the disclosed information and my experience. Continue reading

Eviction: 1000’s of Katrina Victims Out on the Street

In another twisted action by FEMA, about 12,000 families were sent packing out of hotels today. About 12,000 families made homeless by last year’s hurricanes began checking out of their federally funded hotel rooms around the country Monday after a federal judge let FEMA stop paying directly for their stays. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, to figure out that if FEMA is involved, it’s gonna be late, and it will not be enough to do the job.

Lawyer Says Gitmo Detainees Force-Fed

Now if I remember right, the current administration has claimed that they “Do Not Torture“. Are we to believe that Force Feeding someone that is on a hunger strike, is not a form of torture? What is the deal with this Aministration? Wiretaps, torture, fraud, lying to the country, immoral and illegal wars, outing covert agents, cronyism, and the general raping of our Constitution just to name a few. How long shall we suffer the the disgrace of a Government that chooses to ignore every ideal and law that our country stands for? Ron posted on Bush being found guilty of war crimes. I do believe this would fall into that catagory. I don’t think I am the only one … Continue reading

Two FEMA Employees Indicted in Kickback scheme

OK… I know this will not come as a suprise, given the leadership, or lack thereof, that is displayed in the current Administration. But a couple of days ago, it was in the news that FEMA has showed their true colors again. I will let you make your own decisions, and let me know if I’m wrong about FEMA… I think you can see a cycle here, with everything the GOP is in on. Two FEMA employees indicted in kickback scheme The FBI arrested two Federal Emergency Management Agency employees Friday after each accepted $10,000 in cash kickbacks from a food services contractor, the U.S. Attorney said.

White House Official Safavian, Warned Abramoff

The Bush administration’s former chief procurement official tipped off lobbyist Jack Abramoff that the government was about to suspend the federal contracts of an Abramoff client, newly filed court papers say.

David Safavian provided “sensitive and confidential information” about four subsidiaries of Tyco International to Abramoff regarding internal deliberations at the General Services Administration, say the court papers filed Friday in a criminal case against Safavian. Continue reading

Palace Revolt over Domestic Spying

They were loyal conservatives, and Bush appointees. They fought a quiet battle to rein in the president’s power in the war on terror. And they paid a price for it.

James Comey, a lanky, 6-foot-8 former prosecutor who looks a little like Jimmy Stewart, resigned as deputy attorney general in the summer of 2005. The press and public hardly noticed. Comey’s farewell speech, delivered in the Great Hall of the Justice Department, contained all the predictable, if heartfelt, appreciations. But mixed in among the platitudes was an unusual passage. Continue reading

The House May Fall-But We’ve Got Trouble in Blue States

A recent study by the Wall St. Journal and Zogby gives Democrats good news and bad news. The good news is that Democrats are in a good position to hold the open US Senate Seats (currently held by retiring Dems) in Maryland and Minnesota. If Senate elections were held today Democrats would unseat GOP incumbents in Ohio and Pennsylvania (DeWine and Santorum) but would lose the seat formerly held by Corzine in New Jersey. The Senate would only be 54-46 GOP after the 2006 election as things stand now.