Get Ready to Pay Big Bucks for Those Little Mudbugs

Now the storms were bad enough, but this really hurts. To live through those two monsters, was bad enough, but now our traditions are taking a kick in the private parts too. In a usual year, prices usually drop below a dollar a pound for crawfish, after the Lent season starts way down here where I live. OK, some of us might still get some, but not like in the past when area residents were not suffering from the after affects of Katrina. But, this little note of economic news from the Bayou, may also serve to remind people about what we went through down here, when it comes time to vote. The nightmare of Katrina will never go away … Continue reading

Kennedy: A Vote Against Alito Is a Vote for Progress

“In evaluating Supreme Court nominees, there is no more important question than whether they are dedicated to equal justice under law. Judge Alito is a highly intelligent man, but his record does not show a judge who is willing to enforce the constitutional limitations on executive power when government officials intrude on individual rights.

His record does not show a judge who is open to the claims of vulnerable individuals asking only justice against powerful institutions.

His record does not show a judge who upholds the liberty and privacy of citizens seeking to protect their fundamental rights.

His record just does not show a judge who is committed to equal justice under law.

That is why I oppose his confirmation to the Supreme Court, and I fervently hope that the Senate will do so as well.”

For more on Senator Kennedy, visit Continue reading

Ohio, We Have a Problem

“If it wasn’t for Ohio John Kerry would be president.” How many times have we heard that, even more than a year later? I recently did an analysis of Dem and GOP vote percent totals dating back to 1944. The good news: only a couple of democrat candidates actually got a higher percent of the Ohio vote than Kerry got. The bad news: only a couple of democrat candidates actually got a higher percent of the Ohio vote than Kerry got.

Why Privatizing Social Security Really Failed-and Why the GOP will Try Again in 2006

In the aftermath of the failure of Congressional Republicans to even bring “privatization” of Social Security to a vote many theories swirled around political circles as too why this was so. Didn’t Bush have a “mandate” to bring about great “change” after the vote in Election 2004? While pundits beleatedly admitted the election was a lot closer than they initally thought, some theories- all with a grain of truth to them- did emerge: 1) The Democrats stayed united against the Bush propaganda onslaught 2) falling poll numbers on Bush in Iraq rubbed off on Bush’s credibility on other issues, including this one 3) stagnating wages soured Americans views on the economy and on Bush 4) Bush did a poor job … Continue reading

Happy New Year: The Year of the Citizen

Cross-posted from Freedom’s Fire, Brightly Burning, with minor edits. I want to wish all our readers a happy, healthy and productive year in 2006. I hope we will work together to bring real, positive change to America and to our nation’s role in the world. There is much to be done, but it will be rewarding work. Two inspiring quotes come to mind: Margaret Mead: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. John Kerry: There is no more important word in the American language, other than love, than citizen. Let’s make 2006 the Year of the Citizen. We can take back our government this year, … Continue reading

Bush State by State Numbers Still Low

Survey USA has released the December numbers of President Bush’ approval ratings broken down by state. Forget what you may have heard about Bush’ approval ratings improving. The fact remains that in only 9 states does Bush have an approval rating higher than his disaproval rating. Meanwhile, Bush’s disapproval rate is at least as high 53% in all the Kerry states and is a whopping 62% in Ohio. His disapproval rate in Missouri is 52% (to 44% approval) and is also 52% disapproval (to 46% approval) in Florida! Going into 2006, only one Democratic Senator (Nelson of Nebraska) is in a state where Bush has higher approval than disapproval ratings. Hope this makes your New Year a little more fun.

A Simple Way to Increase Dem Turnout and Vote Totals: Increase Union Membership

Sure 57% of American households make less than $50,000. Yes Kerry won a greater percent of the voters from households making under $50,000 vote than Clinton or Gore, and adjusted for inflation did better among voters from the bottom three income quintiles than any Democrat since 1964 (except maybe 1976 Carter). Kerry not only won the under $50,000 vote nationally, he also won them in 31 states including all the blue states and all the battleground states (except Colorado (50%-49%) and West. Va. (55%-45%)), and even some solid red states like North Carolina and Georgia. Still, there are two fundamental problems for the modern day Democrat: First, only 45% of voters in 2004 were from $50,000 households. Second, too many … Continue reading