Kerry, Lawmakers: U.S. Isn’t Prepared for Next Attack

The Lowell Sun has rarely been known to turn tail on the conservatives but they certainly did a bit of an about face today with this article, giving creedence to MA and New England Democrats — Mass. lawmakers: U.S. isn’t prepared for next attack. WASHINGTON — Grim images of unattended corpses and stranded hurricane victims illustrate shocking deficiencies in the nation’s homeland-security systems designed four years ago to prevent and respond to the next 9/11, lawmakers said this week. Ominous doubt on Capitol Hill about the government’s ability to minimize the loss of life in the event of another major terrorist attack was widespread this week, a sharp contrast to the abundant political unity immediately following the nation-changing al Qaeda … Continue reading

Government and Floods

Government begins with disaster — in fact, in response to floods. The earliest civilizations were riverbank cultures along the Nile, the Tigris, the Euphrates. And the first truly large-scale collective human endeavor was to build levees to prevent those rivers from overflowing their banks and destroying humankind’s first crops Continue reading

Kerry Challenges GOP Where it Lives

More news out of New Jersey, of the Kerry rallies for Jon Corzine on Saturday… Kerry challenges GOP where it lives Ex-presidential hopeful holds Morris rally BY Rob Seman- Daily Record MORRISTOWN — Former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., told a few hundred of Morris County’s outnumbered Democrats that their votes would take a larger role in the state and nation by electing Sen. Jon Corzine as New Jersey’s governor.

John Kerry Stumps for Corzine in NJ

John Kerry made a swing through New Jersey on today campaigning for Jon Corzine. He appeared at a series of events to rally the Democratic Party faithful in NJ. Kerry is also expected to stump in St. Paul for Chris Coleman in October. “Karynnj” posted this report on DU of one of the events: It was incredible – the event was planned last Monday and was publicized mostly by emails to Kerry’s list, robot(?) phone calls that Kerry recorded, and the Daily Record article yesterday – which the coordinator was actually surprised by – there were OVER 500 people there. This is HUGE for Morris County. There should be some local coverage because at least 2 reporters (from small weeklies) … Continue reading