Douglas Brinkley: Chronicling 'The Great Deluge'

Historian Douglas Brinkley, author of the John Kerry biography Tour of Duty, was on NPR’s Fresh Air on Friday morning talking about his experiences in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Brinkley teaches at Tulane University and was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. After Katrina, Brinkley got his family out and relocated them to Houston, TX and then returned to New Orleans to chronicle the history of the aftermath of Katrina. He is in the process of documenting “the catastrophe by gathering oral histories — he hopes to collect as many as 20,000 — for a book, tentatively titled The Great Deluge.” Brinkley said in the interview that he was determined to document everything that he could, “because if our government can … Continue reading

The FEMA Ice Follies — “Millions of Dollars are Being Wasted”

FEMA… the government agency synonymous with the F word (in reference to their treatment of the American people in the Gulf). Nothing much seems to have changed since Brownie was replaced and the duct tape man cometh and it appears that FEMA can’t seem to coordinate the ice man cometh, either… Lisa Myers & the NBC Investigative Unit, have done what journalists do when they are doing their jobs and have investigated why it’s such a problem for FEMA to bring ice to the ravaged Gulf Coast. Friday, NBC News located hundreds of trucks full of ice sitting around the country: in Maryland, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. Some had been on trips to nowhere for the past two … Continue reading

BuzzFlash Reviews “Misuse of Power” by Burt Hall and Ed Asner

BuzzFlash has a review of “Misuse of Power,” by Burt Hall and Ed Asner. Many of our readers will remember my interview with Ed Asner in late August: “From the moment he [Bush] was ‘selected,’ he hit the ground running with an agenda the right wing conservatives have been cooking up since Goldwater. What a program! The Democrats were caught fat, floored and flabbergasted. Al Gore was discounted and dismounted. And even stumbling Republicans accepted and approved. It felt like Alice in Wonderland.” BuzzFlash Reviews has given that interview a nod, and used excerpts from the interview in their review of “Misuse of Power.”

Part 3 – A Republican’s Insight: Is There a Chance for a Democratic Foothold in the South?

EDITORS NOTE: Part 3 of Donnie from Houma’s, A Republican’s Insight: Is there a chance for a Democratic foothold in the south? You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Donnie is registered republican who’s been kind enough to share his thoughts on the aftermath of Katrina disaster with The Democratic Daily. Donnie From Houma, LA: This is part three of the series. In this part, I am looking into the feelings of the local people in Louisiana, but I will also touch on the feelings of the rest of America, because this has affected the nation as a whole. The nation now knows more about what really happened in the Gulf Coast, and the unwarranted deaths of … Continue reading

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Those of Us Who Know That America’s Worth Fighting for Have to Take It Back Now from Those Who Don’t

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke last Saturday at the Sierra Summit in San Francisco. I could write an introduction to his speech, but the review below from John Byrne Barry, on the says it all… Taking Money from Criminals by John Byrne Barry Plenary Session: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance When running for president, George W. Bush accepted money from criminals and then, as payback, dropped the federal lawsuits against these criminals and changed the law that they were breaking. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., did not mince words in his blistering and passionate attack on the Bush administration Saturday afternoon to standing ovations from 2,500 rapt Sierra Summit participants. “One hundred and ten U.S. coal-burning power plants had … Continue reading

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Speech at the Sierra Summit, September 10, 2005

The following is a transcript of a speech by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the Sierra Club’s National Convention and Expo on September 10, 2005 in San Francisco. Kennedy received the Sierra Club’s William O. Douglas Award on behalf of the Waterkeeper Alliance. I want to tell you how proud I am to accept the William O. Douglas Award. Two of my most poignant memories as a child involved Justice Douglas. One of them was when I was 11 years old. I did a 20-mile hike with my little brother David and with Justice Douglas and my father, which was a bird-watching hike on the C & O Canal, which he played a critical role in protecting. We started at … Continue reading

Jeb Bush’s Son Arrested

Oh, those Bush kids… One needs to ask, what kind of “family values” are they teaching them… AUSTIN, Texas – The youngest son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was arrested early Friday and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest, law enforcement officials said.

Kerry’s Total’s Better Than Democrat Average

1896. The year of the William Jennings Bryan and the “Cross of Gold.” The year that Karl Rove’s idol, William McKinley, was elected president. Of course McKinley had been a prolabor lawyer and Ohio governor, and recent research by Kevin Phillips indicates that McKinley thought poorly of the big trusts, and wanted to break them up in a second term. Still, beginning in 1896 the GOP became a far more progressive party. While this GOP progressivism was not to last, 1896 is still important for Democrats: It was that year that populists and progressives took over the party and rescued it from post-Civil War economic conservatives. Sure some Democrats are more liberal than others, and certain decades (the 1920s, the … Continue reading