Those Charged with Keeping People Safe Kill Them Instead

Horrible tales of “rape, murder and trigger happy guards” are coming from New Orleans. Refugees are recanting stories of utter lawlessness within the Superdome and Convention Center. This is insane, absolutely insane! I don’t know what it’s going to take to get a grip on this, but it’s beyond anarchy at this point. The President has failed his people, the President has failed his nation. “Several residents of the impromptu shantytown recounted two horrific incidents where those charged with keeping people safe had killed them instead.” In one, a young man was run down and then shot by a New Orleans police officer, in another a man seeking help was gunned down by a National Guard soldier, witnesses said.

Ain’t That America!

Even in the wake of mass destruction, heartbreak and abandonment, 84 year old Milvertha Hendricks wraps herself in the hope of America. Milvertha Hendricks, 84, center waits in the rain with other flood victims outside the convention center in New Orleans, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005. Officials called for a mandatory evacuation of the city, but many resident remained in the city and had to be rescued from flooded homes and hotels and remain in the city awaiting a way out. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

World braces for the ripple effect

Katrina may start a perfect storm in the world economy, write John Garnaut and Los Angeles Times reporter Evelyn Iritani.

It’s easy to think the full impact of the oil crisis is half a world away, where American motorists are paying double what they were three years ago for petrol, after the Gulf Coast was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading

Bill Frist from Triage Center at New Orleans Airport: “More Than 8 to 10 People are Dying a Day”

The New Orleans airport has been transformed into a MASH unit. There’s a distribution problem, not enough getting help. With a the mass pandemonium, at this point there is no accurate count on how many have died. “The hallways are filled, the floors are filled. There are thousands of people there,” said Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., who was at the airport. “A lot more than eight to 10 people are dying a day. It’s a distribution problem. The doctors are doing a great job, the nurses are doing a great job.” Both the number of people left in the city and the death toll remained unknown, because people continued showing up at evacuation sites and dead bodies were still … Continue reading

911 in New Orleans

911 in New Orleans We’re told the 911 attacks changed everything for America–that they ushered us into a new and more dangerous world, where we could no longer afford old illusions. If we take its full lessons, the disaster of Hurricane Katrina challenges us even more profoundly. Continue reading

American’s Want Answers to the Failures to Respond to Disaster in New Orleans

AP News reports that: Bush had the legal authority to order the National Guard to the disaster area himself, as he did after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks . But the troops four years ago were deployed for national security protection, and presidents of both parties traditionally defer to governors to deploy their own National Guardsmen and request help from other states when it comes to natural disasters. In addition to Guard help, the federal government could have activated, but did not, a major air support plan under a pre-existing contract with airlines. The program, called Civilian Reserve Air Fleet, lets the government quickly put private cargo and passenger planes into service. The CRAF provision has been activated twice, once … Continue reading