The Roberts Nomination – What’s at Stake?

If you’re not paying attention — you should be. The first day of the Roberts nomination hearing has come to a close. The day was filled with statements on the nomination by the various members of the Judiciary committee, there’s more on that here, here and here. I checked around the blogosphere to see what’s being posted about the hearings… not much, considering this nomination could affect the direction of the Supreme court for the next 20 – 30 years and involve 8 – 9 presidential terms. There are some major issues at stake. Issues that will affect the future of our country for generations to come. We simply cannot sit back and wring our hands and say well, they … Continue reading

A Republican’s Insight: Is There a Chance for a Democratic Foothold in the South?

EDITORS NOTE: The following post was to be posted in our comments by Donnie from Houma, LA. Donnie appeared on The Democratic Daily about a week or so ago, fresh from the Katrina disaster in LA, Donnie and I struck up a conversation about what was really going on in LA. Donnie is registered Republican, who’s not at all happy with the way things are going down there. I’ve invited Donnie from Houma, LA to share his insight with our readers. Here’s his first post in what we hope will be a series based on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: Donnie from Houma, LA: As promised, get ready for my own style of shock and awe. This is the gift … Continue reading

Welcome to Camp Katrina

In the aftermath of this unbelievable tragedy, emotions are running high, fear being one of them. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, but in the midst of the horror, some beautiful, uplifting stories are unfolding. Colorado has invited 1000 survivors to make a new home in this sun-filled, high-spirited, DRY, infinitely friendly place. The people are overjoyed at this opportunity to embrace these Americans who have just been through hell. Here are some excerpts from the Rocky Mountain News: Volunteers canceled Labor Day weekend plans and worked around the clock to cart off truckloads of debris and mop away years of grime. In a massive outpouring of support — from pastors to policy wonks, from cops to … Continue reading

Senator John Kerry on Resignation of FEMA Director Michael Brown

Michael Brown has resigned as the head of FEMA. I just recieved the following brief statement from John Kerry’s press office. Kerry is in Louisiana today delivering supplies to Hurricane Katrina victims. I think this statement just about says it all… no need to say more! BATON ROUGE – Below is a statement from Senator John Kerry on the resignation of FEMA Director Michael Brown. “Long overdue. Too little, too late.”

Power Outage in Los Angeles

Still no word about what happened here in Los Angeles, but we had some sort of major power outage city wide. My power went down at about 12:30 pst. If anyone had a problem accessing The Democratic Daily, our servers are located in Los Angeles. Just a little side note on the L.A. power outage. Residents could not even get through the DWP (power company). I decided to call my local LAPD station… Here’s the gist of my conversation with the desk commander: When I called LAPD they said they did not even know what was going on. I said “Could it be terrorists” and the cop replied “I don’t know”. “Well that’s encouraging I said. “Just be glad we … Continue reading