State Updates Total Katrina Deaths to 1,070

The number of deaths in Louisiana, that are attributed to Hurricane Katrina, has been updated to 1070. NOTE: These Numbers do not include the casualties of Bush’s poll numbers or Michael Brown’s undeserved job. The total number of deaths from Hurricane Katrina was increased to 1,070 on Friday, three higher than the figure released earlier this week.

On the Anniversary of a Very Sad Day, A Democrat Shoots Down a Stereotype, and Offers a Little Hope

On Nov. 2, 2005 as all people to the left of darth Vader (a.k.a. Dick Cheney) look for solace and comfort, perhaps most anger inducing is the fear that Democrats simply cannot appeal to “Middle America,” “The Heartland” “Joe and Mary Sixpack, ” etc. etc. First I call your attention to this article. No it’s not a diatribe against rural folk or those not living on America’s coasts. Rather it is a well deserved attack on the pundits who credited Bush with understanding “regular people.” This Kerry volunteer writes:

On Halloween, Do You Wanna See Something Scary and Sick?

Usually, folks get scared on Halloween from trick or treaters or from watching the movie Halloween (the night HE came home). Yep, nothing like a good horror movie made in the great city of LA to give you a good scare on Halloween. Ah Los Angeles: home of the Governator, the people who give us trash TV, and the birthplace of Howard Jarvis and Proposition 13 (which did more than anything else to kill the notion that California had the best education system in the country). Also the former home of a guy who just walked away from teaching-and blames teachers for this. Ah Potomac, MD: In my home county of Montgomery County (I didn’t grow up in Potomac and … Continue reading

Out-of-State Firefighters Sent to Louisiana to Battle Wildfires

Like Katrina and Rita were not enough, now comes something outside the normal headlines Louisiana is used to. Wildfires are not what we usually think of, when Cajun country comes to mind. Once again, rescue teams from other states have come to assist people in an already fragile state of existance. Weary and pushed to the furthest limits by two monster storms, we now have to worry about people loosing even more than we have already. Here’s a few quips: More rescue teams are in Louisiana, this time to help firefighters deal with an outbreak of wildfires fueled by trees that have been downed across southern Louisiana by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Women Had Key Roles in Civil Rights Era

If the recent passing of Rosa Parks has not reminded you of the key rolls that women have played in the Civil Rights Movement, then you really need to reflect back to a day and time that women could not even vote. Women of the 21st century are strong and able, and deserve respect, for all that they can and will do to advance our society. Face it guys, they are here to stay, and I’m happy for them. They are a life source and a stable platform in a reckless time that shows no end in sight. There is so much more for them, that is still not on a level playing field. But todays women are up to … Continue reading

Tallitsch For U.S. Congress ‘06: In front of Hastert’s Office

U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert got a little taste of Louisiana, but not the taste of Cajun cuisine or hospitality that he might have preferred. Stacey Tallitsch, Democratic candidate for Congressional District number 1 of Louisiana, spoke at a press conference outside of Hastert’s district office. He was accompanied by John Laesch, a 31-year-old Navy veteran and Democrat from southwestern Kendall County who is planning a run against Hastert next fall. Tallitsch had his home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and has been staying with family members in DeKalb while waiting to get his home rebuilt. While there, he has seen real compassion from the locals, but none from the likes of David “The Critter” Vitter, Bobby “USS GOP-cabin boy” Jindle … Continue reading

The Long History of the GOP Using the Flip-Flopper Charge

Given the recent GOP charges against Kerry about flip-flopping (and Kerry’s great speech at Georgetown yesterday) some folks will be tempted to reassert this is another Kerry flip-flop. Of course, for the GOP to accuse Dems of being a flip-flopper (or inconsistent) is not new at all. IN fact, you can bet the same thing will happen in 2006 and 2008. Recent and not-so-recent-history tells us so. Just look at these examples: A GOP candidate for president accuses his Democratic opponent of being a chameleon. Bush attacking Kerry? Nope, Herbert Hoover and Wendell Wilkie attacking FDR. How about this from a presidential debate: “(democrat’s) answer tonight does not coincide with the answer that he gave in an interview a week … Continue reading