Three Cheers for the State of Illinois on Healthcare for Kids

During the 2004 campaign, John Kerry and other Democrats called it a national scandal that so many of this nation’s children were without health insurance. On Tuesday, the state of Illinois showed it was not only in agreement with Kerry/Edwards, but unlike our “esteemed” Congress in Washington, Illinois was determined to actually do something about it. As the New York Times reports: “Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich signed a measure on Tuesday intended to allow all children in Illinois, including those in working-class and middle-class families, to obtain health insurance. National experts on health care said the new law, which will offer discounts on premiums for those who qualify, was the broadest plan to insure children by any state.

Forget About Abortion, There’s A Much Greater Reason to Fear Justice Alito

Some liberals will be much tempted to make Judge Alito’s 1985 comments about abortion the linchpin of their opposition to Alito. Sure Alito should be asked about these comments, but if recent polls are any indication, we appear to be living in a “pro-choice” country. Sure some Dems are hurt by the fact that some people view Dems not as the pro-choice party, but as the “abortion on demand party” or a party that is viewed as having no tolerance for views on abortion that are to the right of radical feminists. Still, given public opinion and the Court’s reluctance to overturn Roe vs. Wade in the past (even after 3 Supreme Court appointments made by Reagan and Bush Sr. … Continue reading

It Appears Dems Have A Money Problem

I’m hoping this report from the WaPo is wrong, but I’ve got a bad feeling. Of course money can’t solve all the Dems problem, but it can’t hurt to have it on hand either — Democrats Losing Race for Funds Under Dean I’m not sure how much Dean can be blamed-if at all- for this situation. Hopefully this is just another case of Democrats getting into a circle for a firing squad rather than into a straight line. Well, there is no time like the present, to start fundraising for 2006.

How Dems Can Win a Majority Governors? Simple, Win on the Home Turf

Congratulations to all in New Jersey and Virginia. You fought hard, you stuck by progressive principles, you won and you deserve it. It was a good day to be a part of the party of the people. Still, one sad fact does remain: There are 28 GOP governors but only 22 Democrat ones. Of course there are reasons to think that Dem numbers will improve in this area. Still, I can’t help but notice that the reason for Dems being in the minority position on governors is not because we can’t appeal to red states: It’s that we can’t seem to appeal to blue ones.

State Updates Total Katrina Deaths to 1,070

The number of deaths in Louisiana, that are attributed to Hurricane Katrina, has been updated to 1070. NOTE: These Numbers do not include the casualties of Bush’s poll numbers or Michael Brown’s undeserved job. The total number of deaths from Hurricane Katrina was increased to 1,070 on Friday, three higher than the figure released earlier this week.

On the Anniversary of a Very Sad Day, A Democrat Shoots Down a Stereotype, and Offers a Little Hope

On Nov. 2, 2005 as all people to the left of darth Vader (a.k.a. Dick Cheney) look for solace and comfort, perhaps most anger inducing is the fear that Democrats simply cannot appeal to “Middle America,” “The Heartland” “Joe and Mary Sixpack, ” etc. etc. First I call your attention to this article. No it’s not a diatribe against rural folk or those not living on America’s coasts. Rather it is a well deserved attack on the pundits who credited Bush with understanding “regular people.” This Kerry volunteer writes:

On Halloween, Do You Wanna See Something Scary and Sick?

Usually, folks get scared on Halloween from trick or treaters or from watching the movie Halloween (the night HE came home). Yep, nothing like a good horror movie made in the great city of LA to give you a good scare on Halloween. Ah Los Angeles: home of the Governator, the people who give us trash TV, and the birthplace of Howard Jarvis and Proposition 13 (which did more than anything else to kill the notion that California had the best education system in the country). Also the former home of a guy who just walked away from teaching-and blames teachers for this. Ah Potomac, MD: In my home county of Montgomery County (I didn’t grow up in Potomac and … Continue reading