Democrats Should Not Shift Left? The Smog of DC Traffic is Having an Effect at the WaPo

Here we go again. Conservatives (alleged Dems) warning us that the Democratic is too far left for Americans and that there aren’t enough liberals to justify “appealing to the base” of the party. In a blog post in today’s Washington Post, two folks who worked in the Clinton White House are issuing another “report” that the shift to the left among Democrats is hurting Dems chances with “swing voters” and that socially liberal upscale voters are hurting the Dems among “average voters.” There is of course the usual whining about “growing GOP appeal to Hispanics” and how Dems need to follow the Clinton 1992 method of “appealing to the center” (e.g. when Clinton executed a mentally retarded black man in … Continue reading

The Washington Post Continues to Drink From the Right Wing Water Trough

So much for the Bush White House being the center of baloney in Washington. At least the Bush years will end. I hope Bush takes the Washington Post editorial page with him. In a ridiculous column, Richard Cohen condemns Democrats for not defending William Bennett’s right to speech. If you recall on his radio show Bennett, “Responding to a caller who argued that if abortion were outlawed the Social Security trust fund would benefit — more people, more contributions, was the apparent (idiotic) reasoning — Bennett said, sure, he understood what the fellow was saying. It was similar to the theory that the low crime rate of recent years was the consequence of high abortion rates: the fewer African American … Continue reading

Harriet Miers

Mr. Bush has nominated Harriet Miers to fill Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Supreme Court seat. Here’s a few links, both from the Washington Post, to get started on the game of “peel the mask.” Harriet E. Miers Profile and “Quiet But Ambitious White House Counsel Makes Life of Law” (The Post, June 21, 2005). More from ABC: Who is Harriet Miers? NBC‘s First Read says, “Too many unknowns?” and MSNBC‘s Tom Curry says, “Some conservatives not thrilled by Miers.” Anyone who finds other information about her, please post, thanks.

Missing Richard Nixon or The Top Five Reasons You Can’t Blame Swing Voters for Voting for Nixon

In last week’s Wapo there was a mention of a woman wearing a shirt saying “I’d Never thought I’d Miss Nixon”. As a historian I would rate Nixon as one of our worst presidents. He unnecessarily prolonged Vietnam, failed to tackle inflation, undermined America in Latin America with the ovethrow of Allende in Chile and carried most of his policies to a degree that was so cyncial it undermined them (even the good policies). Oops, almost forgot Watergate. It was a great day when Nixon lost to Kennedy in 1960 and a sad one when Nixon beat Humphrey in 1968. Still, during the Bush years I’ve found myself missing Nixon (though I wasn’t born until after his 1972 re-election). What’s … Continue reading

Unite and Conquer

With the recent addition to The Democratic Daily of our drenched and unhappy Republican from Louisiana, Donnie McDaniel, I’ve gotten to thinking… It’s possible, if not probable, that the Republican bosses are losing some of their base, and rightfully so. As former moderate, intelligent, sensible Republicans see merit in the Democratic Party, I think it is vital that we welcome them with open arms, and fight this administration’s attempt to divide and conquer. I am concerned about the continuing hatred expressed toward our fellow conservative Americans in the blogosphere. I would like to stem this flow and encourage everyone to come together and discuss the future of our country. This is a golden opportunity. I am speaking up as much … Continue reading