Women Had Key Roles in Civil Rights Era

If the recent passing of Rosa Parks has not reminded you of the key rolls that women have played in the Civil Rights Movement, then you really need to reflect back to a day and time that women could not even vote. Women of the 21st century are strong and able, and deserve respect, for all that they can and will do to advance our society. Face it guys, they are here to stay, and I’m happy for them. They are a life source and a stable platform in a reckless time that shows no end in sight. There is so much more for them, that is still not on a level playing field. But todays women are up to … Continue reading

Tallitsch For U.S. Congress ‘06: In front of Hastert’s Office

U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert got a little taste of Louisiana, but not the taste of Cajun cuisine or hospitality that he might have preferred. Stacey Tallitsch, Democratic candidate for Congressional District number 1 of Louisiana, spoke at a press conference outside of Hastert’s district office. He was accompanied by John Laesch, a 31-year-old Navy veteran and Democrat from southwestern Kendall County who is planning a run against Hastert next fall. Tallitsch had his home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and has been staying with family members in DeKalb while waiting to get his home rebuilt. While there, he has seen real compassion from the locals, but none from the likes of David “The Critter” Vitter, Bobby “USS GOP-cabin boy” Jindle … Continue reading

The Long History of the GOP Using the Flip-Flopper Charge

Given the recent GOP charges against Kerry about flip-flopping (and Kerry’s great speech at Georgetown yesterday) some folks will be tempted to reassert this is another Kerry flip-flop. Of course, for the GOP to accuse Dems of being a flip-flopper (or inconsistent) is not new at all. IN fact, you can bet the same thing will happen in 2006 and 2008. Recent and not-so-recent-history tells us so. Just look at these examples: A GOP candidate for president accuses his Democratic opponent of being a chameleon. Bush attacking Kerry? Nope, Herbert Hoover and Wendell Wilkie attacking FDR. How about this from a presidential debate: “(democrat’s) answer tonight does not coincide with the answer that he gave in an interview a week … Continue reading

How Many Survivors Does It Take To Tell a Joke?

And some people doubted that the south would rise again! More than anything else, New Orleans still has their sense of humor. I posted before, on the Ice Box Art, and now New Orleans, has taken it a step further. The Place that made Hurricane drinks so popular, now has the “Cat 5 hurricane” offered at Bacco’s. So don’t count us out down here, expect a lot more from us than the little hope that some would dare to proclaim. The grimy residue of receded floodwater covered the blue Chevrolet pickup parked outside a shattered two-story house, but the offer spray-painted on the vehicle in white overflowed with enthusiasm: “For Sale. Like New. Runs Great.”

Ten Illegal Workers Found at New Orleans Navy Base

How safe do you feel, as far as Homeland Security goes? NAS New Orleans, has become the center of an investigation of illegal immigrants, and the 10 that they do claim to have found, were not detained, but were denied access to the base. That’s right people, 10 illegal immigrants were found in a subcontractor’s work force on a Navy base but they were not detained. What makes the matter worse, is the fact that Jamie Zuieback, an ICE spokeswoman in Washington, D.C., would not identify the company that employed the workers. The office of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La, said Thursday, they were working for BE&K of Birmingham, Alabama, a Halliburton subcontractor. BE&K denies that any of its employees … Continue reading

Raging Granny’ Gets Marine Recruitment Letter

Hide your grandmothers, Uncle Sam is in need of their service. 82 year old peace activist, Sally-Alice Thompson, received a letter from Brig. Gen. Walter E. Gaskin, Marine Corps’ commanding general, telling her the military “is in need of your service” and inviting her to find out more by sending in an enclosed card. It looks like the Marine Corps, will get more bang for their buck, than they anticipated, when Thompson and other Raging Grannies, make their planned showing at the Marine Recruiting Center, minus the sent cards. Sally-Alice Thompson had to laugh when she got a letter from the Marine Corps’ commanding general, telling her the military “is in need of your service” and inviting her to find … Continue reading

Kentucky GOP Official Indicted in Probe

Here we go again with the GOP corruption, and the denial of any wrong doing. In Kentucky, a Grand Jury charged two members of the State Republican Party, with conspiracy and political discrimination for allegedly helping to make personnel decisions based on applicants’ politics. A grand jury investigating alleged political influence in state hiring and firing indicted the Kentucky Republican Party’s treasurer and another GOP official Thursday.