NASCAR: It’s Not Just for Republicans

Evidently not all NASCAR enthusiasts are Republicans. The Sylvania 300 in Loudon, NH drew large crowds on Sunday including Senator John Kerry… Spark plugs: The crowd, estimated at 101,000, gave the track 22 sellouts in as many Cup races. … Among the celebrities on hand Sunday were New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch and U.S. Sen. John Kerry. …

Sunday Night Kerry Photo Blogging

Last week we posted a couple of articles about John Kerry stumping for Jon Corzine in NJ, they can be found here and here. I also posted a thread from a post on DU, that was written by someone who has at one of the events, that thread can be found here, along with comments from Dave from Princeton and Marjorie G who attended a different event. Dave from Princeton sent us a few photos from the event he and Marjorie G attended. Here are a couple of his photos from the event. There is a page of photos from the event here.

John Kerry to Deliver Major Address at Brown University on Monday

Senator John Kerry will deliver a major address at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, on Monday, September 19. Senator Kerry is speaking at Brown as part of the Licht lecture series. Who: Senator John Kerry When: Monday, September 19 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Where: Brown University Salomon Room 101 Providence, R.I. The event is free and open to the public. More information is available through the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions newsletter, here. Look for more on the upcoming speech here tomorrow.

The Winds of Katrina

It’s no secret that I’m a strong John Kerry supporter, as are many of the posters here at The Democratic Daily. While Frank’s Rich’s column in today’s New York Times might seem to be only a blast at Bush, I didn’t read it that way. I read Rich’s column and felt a measure of hope I hadn’t felt in years… that finally, the Bush MisAdministration had been stripped bare to the bone. All the attempts by so many of us, worldwide, over the years to “huff and puff and blow GWB’s house down” were not in vain, although in the end, it was Bush himself who blew it down, helped along by nature; the winds of Katrina. I implore you… … Continue reading

A Toxic Gumbo

Food for thought… Contaminated floodwaters and air pollution have devastated the Gulf Coast ecosystem. As Hurricane Katrina victims try to rebuild their lives after one of the worst natural disasters in American history, the environmental impact remains a looming threat. In the coming weeks and months, all eyes will be on the clean-up and reconstruction of the Gulf Coast. Many have concerns over the environment and the well known fact that the Bush administration has turned back the clock on many environmental protections. Instead of having people who actually care about the environment in the key agencies that oversee environmental concerns, Bush has filled those positions with corporate energy whores. Many are speaking out, but we need to make certain … Continue reading