Ice-Box Art: Hot Words in the French Quarter

Gotta love the Cresent City and their resolve. From the City of New Orleans, comes more of the flavor for setting new standards. Refrigerators have become a way to express political dissent equal to Freeway blogging. In New Orleans’ exuberant French Quarter, even a discarded refrigerator can be a canvas for artistic or political expression. Elsewhere, hurricane cleanup crews may be content to set the smelly iceboxes on the sidewalk and forget about them. But here, residents have begun dressing up their cast-off coolers with feathers, bow ribbons, and enough cold commentary to give a political leader the chills. One French Quarter fridge is addressed as though for delivery to President Bush at the White House — COD. And a … Continue reading

Sen. Edward Kennedy Attempted to Rescue 6 Fishermen

U.S. Senator, Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, noticed some fishermen trapped on a jetty off Hyannisport when high tide came in. Thus giving another example to the GOP, on the real meaning of true Compassion. Kennedy was walking his two dogs on the shore at 11:15 a.m. when he spotted the men cut off from shore by the rising waters. They had been fishing on a jetty that begins at the tip of the Kennedy compound. Tides had risen over the patchy rocks, which made it difficult to walk back to shore. Kennedy and a friend tried to rescue the men using a 13-foot boat but rough waters forced them back. Lucky for the fishermen, who were eventually saved by the … Continue reading

Class Is In Session-And Working Class Whites are Voting Democrat

“What’s the Matter with Kansas?” squealed liberal writer Thomas Frank. Answer: since the Civil War its almost always voted Republican. In fact, it’s usually one of the most GOP states in the Union. See for more. Interwoven throughout Frank’s analysis is that poor and working class whites have abandoned the Democratic Party- or the Party has abandoned them for more upper class voters through the use of “social” issues like abortion. An interesting theory-especially given than rural and outer-suburban counties (even ones with low median incomes) tend to vote GOP while the stereotypically wealthier urban areas and closer suburbs tend to vote Democrat.

Cohen Loses His Vision While More Want a Democratic House in ’06

Richard Cohen’s WaPo 10/14 column on the Plame leak being no big deal is creating a lot of negative attention . Which may reinforce what I suggested to him last year after a really absurd column on being purple: maybe he needs some time off to unwind and get refocused. Meanwhile, a small NBC/WSJ survey has some startling numbers. Continue reading

Hurricane Dislodged Coffins and Scattered Bodies Across Louisiana

Associated Press writer, Doug Simpson, gives yet another example of the awsome power that comes with hurricanes. For people that have never had to go through a hurricane, their only link to what happens, is what they are able to see in the media or what is relayed through people that live in those zones of destruction. For Hurricane Rita, the MSM concentrated on the catagory of the hurricane, the wind speed, location of the landing, and hypothetical questions of what might happen if this or that were to happen. A universal sigh of fake relief came from the MSM, as the storm reduced in wind speed. They talked about how much worse it could have been and a lot … Continue reading

It Doesn’t Appear Gore is Running in 2008

Still, I miss Al to a certain degree. His infusion of “populism” into the 2000 campaign is exactly what the Democratic Party and the Country needed. Yet, the Washington Post notes today that Gore will not run in ’08 and also links to a New Yorker story about Gore (Issue of 2004-09-13) that is quite interesting, particularly Gore’s observation of the rihgt-wing. Also the New Yorker story notes that contrary to some press reports, Gore and Kerry got along well as Senators and Al Gore considers Kerry someone who is honest and upfront about his feelings, no matter what they are. Quips from the Gore story in the New Yorker: Gore was quick to distinguish the Bush Administration from any … Continue reading

Bill Clinton, Wes Clark, Laura Bush, Cheney and Rove, Stumping in VA for Governor’s Race

It seems like Laura Bush did not tire herself out pulling nails from her nail apron yesterday for George W. After the pitiful display she and George W put on in Covington LA for the BIG photo-op, she has the energy today to go to Virgina and help with fund raising. Seems like the first lady is filling in the blanks for the void she calls a husband. Local news station,WDSU, reports that both Laura Bush and Dick Cheney will be in Virginia within a week apart. Where does she get all this energy? First Lady Laura Bush is hosting a Kilgore fundraising event Wednesday night in McLean. Vice President Dick Cheney will be featured for a private fundraiser in … Continue reading