Democrats Step Up Criticism of White House Response

The NY Times has round up of quotes from Democratic leaders today. Here’s a few quips… After 10 days of often uncertain responses to the Bush administration’s management of Hurricane Katrina, Democratic leaders unleashed a burst of attacks on the White House on Wednesday, saying the wreckage in New Orleans raised doubts about the country’s readiness to endure a terrorist attack and exposed ominous economic rifts that they said had worsened under five years of Republican rule.

Senator Kennedy on Katrina, Poverty, and the Government Response

Below is the text of Ted Kennedy’s Floor Speech today on Hurricane Katrina, Poverty, and the Government Response: “Americans continue to be moved by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and its toll on our fellow Americans from New Orleans and in the Gulf Coast region – particularly in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama. The human tragedy has brought out the generosity of the American spirit as people have opened their homes and pocketbooks to families uprooted by the storm. This is a disaster of biblical proportions. The dimensions of this tragedy almost are beyond human comprehension. And the failures by our government to prepare and to respond run deep and wide.

Evacuee Arrested for Panhandling in Ga.

I suspect we will hear more stories like this in the days, weeks, months to come. Why this police officer could not take this man to church or shelter is beyond me. ATLANTA – A man who fled Louisiana with his family to escape Hurricane Katrina was arrested for asking motorists for money in this city where banning panhandling has been a hotly debated issue. James Scott says he had slept in a car for days with his brother, sister and her two young children before they decided to ask for help. Nearly broke, the family drove to Buckhead, an affluent north Atlanta neighborhood Thursday and got out near a shopping mall, hoping for the charity of others.

Brian Williams Reports Media Suppression in NOLA

I was none too happy with Brian Williams the other night when I read his blog post about couching his report on the weather alert from the National Weather Service. He wins a reprieve tonight for his report on the media being blocked from doing their job in NOLA. Hat tip to Atrios for this and Talk Left has more on the subject here. Here’s a few quips from Brian Williams: An interesting dynamic is taking shape in this city, not altogether positive: after days of rampant lawlessness (making for what I think most would agree was an impossible job for the New Orleans Police Department during those first few crucial days of rising water, pitch-black nights and looting of … Continue reading

Howard Dean: Race Played Role in Katrina Death Toll

Speaking to the National Baptist Convention of America today, Howard Dean was frank and to the point about his opinions on the Katrina disaster. While I have not always agreed with Howard Dean I respect his candor, at a time when we can use all the candor we can get. Dean referenced the proposed estate tax breaks that are due for a vote any day. We have a petition below on the estate tax breaks from John Kerry. Please sign it if you have not. “We must … come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not,” Dean said. Dean said Americans have a moral … Continue reading

All-Volunteer Group in L.A. Needs Donations For Katrina Victims

I’m not sure how many readers we have from the L.A. area, but this inspiring story, has actually made the newswires and touched off similar groups across the country. I’m going to be heading over to donate supplies to the L.A. group dubbed, “Puppies, Babies and Mommies Too,” in a little while. I spoke with Shawn Booth on the phone earlier today. They’ll be out there for the next few days loading up trucks with supplies for the evacuees. There focus is on pet supplies, medical supplies and food and water. Shawn told me tomorrow they would accept donations of clothing, bedding, towels, etc. Here’s the story… KNBC-TV: LOS ANGELES – Many Southern Californians are getting involved by donating boxes … Continue reading

John Kerry: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy? Don’t You Dare!

This is not the time for Congress to be contemplating more tax cuts for the wealthy. John Kerry says, “Don’t You Dare”: Dear Friend, “More tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans are off the table.” Those are the words that America is waiting to hear from President Bush. At a time of crisis and enormous need, it should be an easy decision for him to make. He could make the announcement tomorrow. There is hurt and suffering all around us. Estimates are that it will cost as much as $150 billion to help the hard-hit people and communities of the Gulf Coast get back on their feet following Katrina’s devastation. And the Bush administration’s failed policies in Iraq are draining … Continue reading