Missing Richard Nixon or The Top Five Reasons You Can’t Blame Swing Voters for Voting for Nixon

In last week’s Wapo there was a mention of a woman wearing a shirt saying “I’d Never thought I’d Miss Nixon”. As a historian I would rate Nixon as one of our worst presidents. He unnecessarily prolonged Vietnam, failed to tackle inflation, undermined America in Latin America with the ovethrow of Allende in Chile and carried most of his policies to a degree that was so cyncial it undermined them (even the good policies). Oops, almost forgot Watergate. It was a great day when Nixon lost to Kennedy in 1960 and a sad one when Nixon beat Humphrey in 1968. Still, during the Bush years I’ve found myself missing Nixon (though I wasn’t born until after his 1972 re-election). What’s … Continue reading

Unite and Conquer

With the recent addition to The Democratic Daily of our drenched and unhappy Republican from Louisiana, Donnie McDaniel, I’ve gotten to thinking… It’s possible, if not probable, that the Republican bosses are losing some of their base, and rightfully so. As former moderate, intelligent, sensible Republicans see merit in the Democratic Party, I think it is vital that we welcome them with open arms, and fight this administration’s attempt to divide and conquer. I am concerned about the continuing hatred expressed toward our fellow conservative Americans in the blogosphere. I would like to stem this flow and encourage everyone to come together and discuss the future of our country. This is a golden opportunity. I am speaking up as much … Continue reading

M. Charles Bakst: Kerry is Right to Assail Bush

Columnsist M. Charles Bakst of the Providence Journal takes an interesting look at John Kerry’s speech last Monday at Brown University. His column is peppered with some bits of a phone interview he did with Kerry the following day. One comment that Bakst made led me believe that he may not have been paying attention last year. At another point it seemed that he attepting to catch Kerry off guard in his interview… Kerry wasn’t buying it. M. Charles Bakst: Kerry is right to assail Bush Sunday, September 25, 2005 When Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, ripped George Bush apart in a blistering speech at Brown University on Monday, students loved it and I found it … Continue reading

Washington Post on the Anti-War Protests

So, did you enjoy your time in my backyard? We kept it clean for you all and didn’t even complain about the added traffic here in the 3rd most traffic congested area of the country (behind LA and San Francisco). For once the traffic was for a good cause. Sure there were some nutcases here, but overall it was a pro-peace and more important pro-fighting man rally. I was there for a while but had to go home to care for someone who was sick. For reasons that should be obvious I don’t have a lot of faith in our healthcare system-especially since Nov. 2, 2004. What was most impressive was the speakers who rather than attack defense spending in … Continue reading

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Bush, News Media

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. once again holds no punches when it comes to blasting Bush. Hat tip to Mass on the DU Kerry forum for this find. Kennedy blasts Bush, news media By Andy Kekacs UNITY (Sep 24): A shameless president and a lazy press are bringing America to the brink of environmental and political collapse, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The hijacking of the government, the environment and even the Christian faith by corporate lackeys threatens everything that Americans hold dear, Kennedy said, from the health of our children to our rights as a free people.