Power Outage in Los Angeles

Still no word about what happened here in Los Angeles, but we had some sort of major power outage city wide. My power went down at about 12:30 pst. If anyone had a problem accessing The Democratic Daily, our servers are located in Los Angeles. Just a little side note on the L.A. power outage. Residents could not even get through the DWP (power company). I decided to call my local LAPD station… Here’s the gist of my conversation with the desk commander: When I called LAPD they said they did not even know what was going on. I said “Could it be terrorists” and the cop replied “I don’t know”. “Well that’s encouraging I said. “Just be glad we … Continue reading

Bullet Point Arguments on Senator Hatch’s Opening Statement on the Roberts’ Nomination

Here are some bullet points arguments on Senator Orrin Hatch’s statement today: Judicial Philosophy and the Marshall Nomination: · When Thurgood Marshall was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1967, Kennedy said that senators ­ as part of our Constitutional duty to advise and consent – should not reject a nominee because they don¹t agree with him on every issue. · Kennedy did not say we should never consider judicial philosophy during the confirmation process. This is particularly important today because the President has made it clear that judicial philosophy is an important criterion in choosing his nominees. · If judicial philosophy is important to the White House in selecting a nominee, then the Senate is entitled to consider it … Continue reading

Roberts’ Nomination Hearings Off to a Rousing Start

The Roberts’ Supreme Court nomination hearings are off to a rousing start today. As expected, “Republicans advised Roberts against responding to probing questions on controversial topics.” “Some have said that nominees who do not spill their guts about whatever a senator wants to know are hiding something from the American people,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. “Some compare a nominee’s refusal to violate his judicial oath or abandon judicial ethics to taking the Fifth Amendment. These might be catchy sound bites, but they are patently false.” But in her remarks, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., gave an indication on whether she’d vote to confirm Roberts.

Letting Go of Roe: An Abortion Article That’ll Make You Think

Editor’s Note: Food for thought given the beginning of the Robert’s comfirmation hearings in Senate Judiciary Committee today… Do you favor permissive abortion laws even if you personally don’t like abortion? Do you favor some restrictions on abortion but do not want Roe v. Wade overturned? Does a fear that we will go back to the bad old days of back-alley abortions if Roe is overturned keep you up at night? Finally, aren’t you just a little sick and tired of Republicans using the abortion issue to distract voters from issues like US leadership in the world, the failure of Bush’s foreign policy, and the growing gap between rich and poor?

Kerry Recalls Talking of LA Coastal Flooding at ’04 LA Campaign Event

Ron posted the link (in the comments below) to a Boston Globe story about Kerry heading to LA today with supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims. There were a couple of quips in the story that struck me as worthy of highlighting in their own post: … he recalled talking about issues of coastal flooding at an event he held in Louisiana during the campaign. He also recalled warning that the nation is not being sufficiently prepared for a terrorist attack, especially one targeting nuclear or chemical plants.