Music Legend Fats Domino Missing in New Orleans Floods

Fats Domino’s long-time Al Embry, reported today that Fats Domino is missing in New Orleans. Embry told The Associated Press that he hadn’t been able to contact Domino since talking to him Sunday evening by phone. The 77-year-old R&B legend, whose real name is Antoine Domino, told Embry that he planned to stay at his New Orleans house with his wife, Rosemary, and their daughter.

Police Are Looters Too!

Bill the Pundit Guy wrote about this earlier today: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em (Looting 101). Well, according to our man on the street, the men and women in blue serving to protect were enjoying their looting privilege a little more than expected. Crooks and Liars has video proof here. MSNBC’s Countdown with Martin Savidge caught lotters in action at a Wal-Mart in N.O. What he didn’t expect was that the police had joined in.

Bush: “I just can’t imagine waving a sign that says ‘Come and get me now.’”

This morning as tens of thousands of tired, hungry, hot, frustrated refugees waited to be evacuated from the Superdome and other areas in New Orleans, Bush once again showed his lack of compassion, sympathy and understanding for the desperate, stranded victims of Hurricane Katrina in an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America. Bush, who spoke as tens of thousands of people were evacuated on buses from the Superdome in New Orleans to the Astrodome in Houston, more than 300 miles away, expressed sympathy for those still stranded. “Thousands have been rescued, there are thousands more to be rescued,” he said. “I just can’t imagine waving a sign that says `Come and get me now.’” It’s easy to understand why George … Continue reading

Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief

The Democratic Daily has joined with other liberal blogs to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief. Please help us reach our goal. From Kari Chisholm, of Mandate Media and Chris Bowers, of, Liberal Blog Ad Network: Hurricane Katrina has devastated thousands of lives. Today, we’re announcing a coordinated effort by the liberal/progressive blogosphere to help the victims of the devastation. Together, we’re going to raise $1 million for the American Red Cross – and prove that the liberal blogosphere can help our fellow citizens in need. Make a donation for hurricane relief.

Mary Landrieu: We’ll Need Your Help

Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, appeals to the nation for help via the WaPo, as evacuations in New Orleans are delayed by shooting and chaos. We’ll Need Your Help By Mary Landrieu The devastation left by Hurricane Katrina is unprecedented and nearly impossible to describe. Stabilizing, repairing and rebuilding New Orleans, southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region is not only a paramount concern for the thousands left heartbroken and homeless; it is also the largest economic challenge our country has ever faced from a natural disaster.

Waiting for a Leader

This N.Y. Times editorial says it all… Once again, our leader is a day late, more than a few dollars short and shows the compassion and understanding of a ______ (well, you fill in the blank)… Waiting for a Leader Published: September 1, 2005 George W. Bush gave one of the worst speeches of his life yesterday, especially given the level of national distress and the need for words of consolation and wisdom. In what seems to be a ritual in this administration, the president appeared a day later than he was needed. He then read an address of a quality more appropriate for an Arbor Day celebration: a long laundry list of pounds of ice, generators and blankets delivered … Continue reading

John Kerry Appeals for Help for Katrina Victims

John Kerry sent out an email to the members of appealing for help for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Here’s the text: Dear Friend, This is a time for all Americans to pull together and do everything we can to assist people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. If you haven’t acted already, I urge you to join in delivering immediate help to the people who need it most. One way to do that is to support the relief and recovery efforts of the Red Cross with a personal donation. Donate to the Red Cross.

The Gulf Coast Needs Help and Hope

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the two most precious needs are HELP and HOPE. Now, two days after Katrina ravaged through the Gulf Coast, it appears America is once again in the midst of her darkest hours. Those still remaining in the city of New Orleans are preparing for final evacuation. Such a forced complete evacuation is unprecedented in American history. The thousands who took refuge in the Superdome since before the storm, will be evacuated to Houston’s Astrodome. Last night the DNC sent out an email to members asking that they donate to the American Red Cross. The LCV also sent out a plea today for donations to various organizations including the American Red Cross. The American Red … Continue reading