Pamela Leavey

Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief and Publisher of The Democratic Daily.

Pamela was a writer for the 2004 Campaign Blog from August ‘03 through the 2004 election cycle. She was one of the top three contributors to the Kerry campaign blog.

Deciding it was time to be actively involved in changing America’s direction, Pamela started blogging about John Kerry on the Unofficial Kerry Blog in Spring ‘03, prior to the Unofficial Kerry Blog, Pamela was an active participant on many Democratic Yahoo Groups. The Kerry campaign contacted her in July ‘03 to write for the Campaign Blog. Her early contributions to the Kerry Campaign Blog included California grassroots coverage of campaign events were followed by a quick transition to writing on national campaign news and events, as well as commentary on the issues. Pamela was also the Blog Admin Assistant to Blogmaster Dick Bell, serving as a moderator of the Blog and Forum.

One of the founding partners for after the election, Pamela went on to create The Democratic Daily in July 2005. The mission of The Democratic Daily is to provide news, views and opinions on politics and the issues, with special emphasis on important news that is overlooked by the MSM. Dedicated to a better world future, Pamela is passionate about many issues important to liberals including the environment, education, healthcare, the economy and world peace. Pamela was also a frequent contributor to, and blogged on the Unofficial Kerry Blog.

A former member of the Newburyport, MA Chamber of Commerce, Pamela owned Positively Pamela’s Flower Shop in Newburyport and also served on the Board Directors for the New England Unit of Teleflora in the mid 1980’s. Pamela worked in the floral industry for 20 years as a designer and shop owner.

Striving to uphold her single mother responsibilities, Pamela created her own line of natural bath and body products (Of The Goddess Ltd.) in 1995, that have been available online since 1997, through her retail and wholesale websites. Pamela was named “Mompreneur of The Month” on in December 2000, her products have been featured in Modern Bride Magazine and her business was headlined in Advanta Business Magazine for Women.

A self taught writer, poet, artist, web designer, and blog consultant, Pamela successfully self marketed her business on the internet and utilized her websites as information portals on aromatherapy, women’s health issues, and she has published a series of aromatherapy articles in online magazines.

She’s been an activist for various women’s issues including domestic abuse, single parenting, public education and the environment. Realizing that her websites had been a source of inspiration and guidance to many women, combined with the experience gained from successfully self marketing her business on the internet, Pamela turned to political blogging during the ‘04 election cycle and has been using her voice in online activism ever since.

The Democratic Daily Blog is in syndication via Newstex, maintaining a standard of writing above the blogosphere curve. Pamela has been quoted by the NY Times and other news sources and published on The Huffington Post. During the 2006 election cycle, Pamela was an independent internet consultant to Friends of John Kerry, Inc..

Originally from Newburyport, Massachusetts, Pamela, a single mother, resided in the Los Angeles area from January 1990 until October 2008, when she moved to Eastport, Maine. In May 2009, Pamela returned to her roots in Massachusetts and now resides in Amesbury, MA.

Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, and she is currently working towards her B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications at UMass Amherst UWW. For internet or social media consulting, WordPress Blog set-up and design or media avails: Contact Pamela here.

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