Eddie Munster Revisited

This is the poison: “freedom” is conflated with “utter abandon,” “liberty” is conflated with “license,” and “taxation” is conflated with “theft.” Thus, ANY form of governance and taxation to PAY for that governance becomes OPPRESSION. All regulations become cruel repression. Continue reading

Dueling Jingos: Tax Paranoia

Paranoid delusions about BIG BUSINESS and BIG GOVERNMENT colluding to keep YOU, Mr. and Mrs. America from entering the lucrative and rewarding business of TAX PREPARATION, and enjoying cruises in the Bahamas after having only worked THREE AND HALF WINTER MONTHS a year … my ghod, what is happening to our FREEDOM??!? Continue reading

The Fundamental Madness of Eddie Munster

The notion, implausible and fantastic on its face, is that the “free market” — which is to say, untrammeled greed — will benevolently lift all of Mankind on the backs of selfish Supermen — the Howard Roarkes and John Galts — who will benevolently move industry and civilization forward because it pleases them to so do. Continue reading

Mrs. Ayn Rand Paul’s Fishiness STILL Sticks

What they DON’T seem to get is the part about the Richie Riches believing that they can finally take over a dispirited and disunified Republican Party. Maybe, if I blog for another several years, they will. But they DO begin to “get” that radical libertarianism is, for most Americans, left and right, a “bridge too far” in its application. Continue reading