Team Obama Plans Online Conference

On the eve of his second inauguration, President Obama’s campaign team is planning a conference in Washington and online to lay the groundwork for a “new organization” of grassroots support to bolster the president’s initiatives in his second term. “Issues like immigration, climate change, and gun violence will be debated over these next four years, and President Obama is ready to take  them on — but he needs us by his side. Our goal is to help him get things done, but also to help change how things get done in Washington in the first place,” 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina says in an email sent Thursday. “Over inauguration weekend, you’ll have a chance to participate in a discussion about … Continue reading

Obama Campaign Fundraises Off Wisconsin Loss

Just days after President Obama took heat for limiting his involvement in the Wisconsin recall election to a single tweet, his re-election campaign is using the Democrats’ loss there as a fundraising tool. In an email to supporters Wednesday afternoon, campaign manager Jim Messina repeated a what has become a familiar storyline coming out of Gov. Scott Walker’s successful effort to escape recall: the fact that he and his allies outspent Democrats and organized labor on a nearly 8-1 ratio. “What happened in Wisconsin is straight out of Mitt Romney’s playbook: In primary after primary against Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, he and his backers poured millions into negative ads until they got the result they wanted,” Messina says of … Continue reading

Progressive Groups Target Obama With Web Ads On Foreclosure Crisis

Anti-foreclosure and bank-accountability organizations on the left say they launched an Internet advertising campaign Thursday to pressure President Obama to hold Wall Street accountable for the foreclosure crisis and require big banks to pay back underwater homeowners through large-scale principal reduction. The campaign includes $20,000 in Google and Facebook ads in six swing states key to Obama’s re-election in November: Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The ads drive viewers to post a message on the Facebook pages of state Obama campaign offices that says: “President Obama: I am a voter. I want Wall Street criminals held accountable and I want the big banks to pay us back. Do what’s right for Americans!” The groups, the Campaign for … Continue reading

‘Obamacare Is Working’

Its fate may be in the hands of the Supreme Court come Monday, but on Friday Democrats were not shy about defending the landmark 2010 healthcare reform law on the second anniversary of its enactment. While President Obama himself talked about healthcare reform Friday only in the form of a single quote on the White House website, many other prominent Democrats were much more voluble — including Vice President Joe Biden, who extolled the virtues of reform in an email to supporters for the Democratic National Committee. But perhaps the boldest defense of healthcare reform came from the man who has his hand on the president’s political pulse, the head of the Obama 2012 re-election campaign. Campaign Manager Jim Messina … Continue reading

Small Donors Continue To Power Obama Campaign

Almost all of the $29.1 million that President Obama raised in campaign funds during January came from small donors, according to his re-election campaign staff. As has been the general pattern with the president’s 2012 fundraising, 98 percent of the haul came from donors pitching in $250 or less, the campaign says in releasing its fundraising totals Friday. Obama’s January totals put the president slightly ahead of the amount George W. Bush brought in during the same period eight years ago, when Bush was seeking his second term in the White House, according to the Washington Post. Overall, Obama has raised $250 million, to be split between his re-election campaign and Democratic National Committee. Although the president has been outpacing his GOP rivals in … Continue reading

Campaign Manager: Obama Re-Election Bid ‘Can’t Afford’ Not To Back Super PAC

The manager of President Obama’s re-election effort is defending the campaign’s decision to back a so-called super PAC, despite the president’s fierce criticism of the Supreme Court decision which led to the proliferation of such shadowy influence groups. The Obama campaign is supporting Priorities USA, a super PAC founded by two former Obama White House aides, says Jim Messina in an email to supporters sent late Monday night. “We decided to do this because we can’t afford for the work you’re doing in your communities, and the grassroots donations you give to support it, to be destroyed by hundreds of millions of dollars in negative ads,” Messina tells supporters. During his 2010 State of the Union address, Obama famously denounced … Continue reading

Obama Re-Election Campaign Worries About GOP Super-PACs

With Republican Mitt Romney’s landslide win in the Florida presidential primary powered by a massive number of negative ads, President Obama’s 2012 campaign staff have begun worrying about the eventual influence of so-called Super PACs in the November election. And the folks back in Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters have reason for concern, according to a new report. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina fired off a fundraising appeal to supporters Wednesday specifically citing the influence of these largely unregulated organizations in Romney’s victory over GOP rival Newt Gingrich. Messina notes that Romney and the groups supporting him outspent Gingrich and organizations on his side in the Sunshine State by $15.3 million to $3.4 million. Romney and influence groups loyal to him … Continue reading

President Vows To Fight For His Jobs Act: ‘I Will Not Take No For an Answer’

Senate Republicans may have tried this week to kill President Obama’s American Jobs Act, but the president refuses to let his $447 billion legislative package die quietly. The president’s re-election campaign late Wednesday released an email to supporters that included a video message from Obama himself, in which he vowed to keep fighting. The email, signed by campaign manager Jim Messina, notes that although the American Jobs Act failed to get the 60 votes in the Senate required to overcome a GOP filibuster, the legislation would have been approved absent that filibuster. Messina also cites opinion polling that finds 63 percent of Americans support Obama’s plan to create nearly 2 million jobs. In his video, Obama notes that Republican senators … Continue reading