Free Speech Not Present at Some Universities

  by Walter Brasch Like most Jews, Benjamin Aaron Shapiro, a respected journalist, is an advocate for social justice, following the Jewish concept of Tikun Olam, literally translated as “repair of the world.” Unlike most American Jews, Shapiro is a conservative whose views of the nation are closer to those … Continue reading

Today’s Media: Often Pandering to Bias and Ignorance

  by Walter Brasch   The Texas board of education didn’t find anything wrong with a world geography textbook that said slaves from Africa were workers, but that immigrants from northern Europe were indentured servants. This is the same school board that five years ago demanded that textbooks emphasize that … Continue reading

Internet Blackout ‘Just The Beginning’

While much of the Internet was “blacked out” Wednesday to voice opposition to a pair of bills which opponents say would amount to online censorship, activists promise the day of protest is “just the beginning” in the fight to defeat the controversial legislation. Websites from Wikipedia to Google and others … Continue reading