Scientists Predict Increased Rain, Floods for Northeast

  by Walter Brasch   Pennsylvanians will experience increased rainfall and floods if data analysis by a Penn State meteorologist and long-term projections by a fisheries biologist, with a specialty in surface water pollution, are accurate. Paul Knight, senior lecturer in meteorology at Penn State, compiled rainfall data for Pennsylvania … Continue reading

About Those Climate Change Deniers

With a massive wild fire blazing in Yosemite right now, and tropical storm season heading our way, it’s time to have the Climate Change conversation yet again. It seems simple to those of us who get it, but to the deniers, Climate Change doesn’t seem to exist, despite raging wild … Continue reading

Climate Change – is it the Indigenous Peoples who have the answers?

Peoples who have lived in the same place for countless generations – the Amazon, perhaps, or the Arctic, or in la Sierra Nevada in Colombia – possess invaluable knowledge about living with climate change, and it is evolving all the time: SAO PAULO, 23 July – Climate change often seems … Continue reading

Enviro Group Pitches New Climate Plan

Hoping to push climate change back onto the political stage, a prominent Washington environmental group on Tuesday unveiled a new proposal to sharply cut carbon emissions from U.S. power plants, featuring a unique federal-state partnership and flexibility for plant owners that will hold down costs and improve Americans’ health. The … Continue reading

Bloomberg Endorses Obama in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg endorsed President Obama for re-election today in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which left parts of New York City and New Jersey devastated. Bloomberg who is an Independent had not endorsed Obama in the last election. His last presidential endorsement was in 2004 for … Continue reading

2011 – The Blogging Year In Blogging Review

as 1968 ended, there were two grace notes: The crew of the USS Pueblo (taken in early 1968) were released from North Korea. And, of course the Christmas Eve look at the Earth from the Moon, as the astronauts of Apollo 8 read from Genesis. (Madeline Murray O’Hare would file suit, and end that. But it was perfect, that once.) Continue reading

Rough Riders: Battle On Over Unrelated Policy In Spending Bills

When is a fight over spending bills not about the spending? When the battle actually is over attempts to inject unrelated conservative abortion, environmental, and other policies into must-pass legislation to keep the federal government open for business. That’s just what’s happening now as environmental groups and others have begun … Continue reading