Tragedy in the 24/7 News Media

by Walter Brasch CNN is the 24/7 media trumpet for news about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that is presumed to have crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, southwest of Australia. On that flight were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. CNN grabbed every iota of information, pumped it full of … Continue reading

Live by the Celebrity; Die by the Celebrity

The conversation is only about ephemera. Only about distract, divert and dissemble. Only about “celebrity” and “star power.” Continue reading

John Roberts and the Commerce Clause

The Commerce Clause, it is widely acknowledged, “was the Framers’ response to the central problem that gave rise to the Constitution itself.” Continue reading

100 Golf Games by Obama = 967 Days of Vacation for Bush

Let’s see what the haters and cynics have to say about the President of the United States of America playing golf on Fathers’ Day: Continue reading

The Jackbooting of the Fraidy Cats (with video)

But three (and perhaps now FOUR) prank phone calls, no matter WHO made them — your granny or Charlie Manson, it doesn’t matter — are NOT cause for a national wave of fear, nor are they a legitimate news story… Continue reading

The War on the War on Women Woman

She IS a part of this campaign, and, having made herself a public figure, is undeserving of any special benefit or protection. She has to face the same political ugliness that the Obamas have (where are the cries of wounded womanhood when Michelle Obama is called “The Mooch” and derided as a mad spendthrift, behaving as Marie Antoinette in the midst of this horrible Recession?), that Hillary Clinton has, that every other man and woman in the political arena must face. Continue reading

Satan’s Big Week

“This is the electronic equivalent of someone writing a letter to the editor,” John Coffee, a professor at Columbia Law School, said in an interview. “You are rewarded by publication, not by payment.” Continue reading

Left Pushes Back On GOP Gas Price Arguments

Eager to halt President Obama’s recent boost in the polls, Republicans have quick to blame the president and his policies for the steady rise in gas prices seen nationwide. But now those on the left have begun to sharpen their counter-attack, which is that it personal and corporate profit motive, … Continue reading

Iconic Singer Etta James Dead at 73

    Blues, Jazz, R& B legend Etta James has passed away. She was 73. According to her longtime manager and friend, Lupe De Leon, Etta James “died from complications from leukemia with her husband, Artis Mills, and her sons by her side.” Etta James was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. She also suffered … Continue reading

Rick Perry to Drop Out of GOP Race

Rick Perry will be dropping out of the GOP race for the presidential nomination today, and sources say he “will make the announcement before the CNN debate in South Carolina” tonight. South Carolina’s primary is to be held on Saturday. Sources have told Politico that Perry is “expected to endorse … Continue reading