VIDEO: ‘The Phony ‘Courage’ Of Paul Ryan’

In this video, famed Democratic strategist James Carville pushes back against the notion that Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s federal budget plan is brave. “There is nothing more courageous than taking away from people trying to make it and giving to people who already have it made,” he says sarcastically. … Continue reading

The Road Ahead

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t there NINE muses? Continue reading

Donald Trump Groundhog Mystery SOLVED!

Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow in the eponymous Pennsylvania town that feeds the rodent. And Donald Trump has endorsed (wait for it …) NEWT GINGRICH! Uh, whoops. They reported FUTURE news, and The Donald, being such a model of consistency, changed his notion at the last minute and … Continue reading

Graphic Support

It’s time to clear these 2011 drawings out so we can make room for the 2012 models! This is meant only as metaphor. However, I do have an exhibition opening in Springfield, Oregon in early February. Only one is “political.” Otherwise, you’re safe. Continue reading