Dave Brubeck, Jazz Pianist, Dies at 91

I wasn’t much of a jazz fan for the first 3 or more decades of my life and then something shifted. Once I discovered jazz, the artists from 1950s and ’60s were the ones that struck my chord. Brubeck was at the top of my favorite artist list. Dave Brubeck died this morning in Norwalk, Conn, “he would have turned 92 on Thursday.” During his “long and successful career, Mr. Brubeck helped repopularize jazz at a time when younger listeners had been trained to the sonic dimensions of the three-minute pop single. His quartet’s 1959 recording of “Take Five” was the first jazz single to sell a million copies.” In 1954 Dave Brubeck was riding hign the cover of Time magazine. He was a “brilliant, uncompromising … Continue reading