Two Blasts at Finish Line of Boston Marathon, Two Dead

Two blasts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon brought the Marathon to abrupt end today, as runners and spectators were injured from the explosions. Boston Police have confirmed that there are two deaths and at least 100 injuries have been treated in area hospitals. The New York Times reports: The … Continue reading

Barney Frank Interested In Becoming Massachusetts Interim Senator

Just one day after retiring from the House, Barney Frank, said today “that he has asked Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to send him back as an interim senator when Sen. John Kerry becomes secretary of state.” Frank noted that a short time ago he wasn’t interested in returback to the … Continue reading

Governor Deval Patrick Rocks the Democratic Convention

If you didn’t see Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night you missed a rousing speech that fired up the Democratic base and set the stage for the headlining speech of the night, Michelle Obama. Watch Deval Patrick rock the DNC:   Via the Boston Globe: … Continue reading