Romney Staffer Committing Charitable Fraud

Bill Murphy, Mitt Romney’s Social Media Director, and his colleague Ali Akbar have ripped off a lot of people. They ripped off the Tea Party with the American Liberty Alliance. They ripped off movement Conservatives with the National Bloggers Club. They even ripped off Andrew Breitbart. But their days of … Continue reading

Guess He Didn’t Get The Memo – But Neither Did Custer

This is ALSO not the first time a Republican has managed an utterly clueless response to American Indians, as I wrote about in 2012’s “Battle of the Little Greenhorn,” as Arizona then-congresscritter J.D. Hayworth marched in the Window Rock, Arizona Navajo parade intoning a Navajo word that didn’t mean what he THOUGHT it meant.
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Team Romney Hires Colleague of Convicted Felon Ali Akbar

Earlier this year Akbar and Murphy started a group called the National Bloggers Club. They were supported by seed money from Foster Friess, the billionaire who propped up Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign and earned notoriety for suggesting that women use aspirin as birth control – by placing a pill between their knees. Continue reading

NPR Screws the Pooch

Anything about Foster’s financial fostering of the creepy Daily Caller, whose Tucker Carlson and his soulmate Andrew Breitbart were working in tandem at the time of the latter’s demise? No, but we DO get this: Friess also makes frequent calls for more civility in politics, and more unity. Continue reading

Denounce Rush

As a woman who grew up in the midst of the feminist revolution and fought to win women’s rights on issues like abortion and birth control, I have been appalled by the latest efforts by the right wing zealots to control women’s rights on these issues. Nothing however has appalled me … Continue reading

The Silence of the Eloi; The Feasting of the Morlocks

How long before nobody’s left, in that Niemöllerian sense? Continue reading

Foster Friess, Fake Cowboy, Fools the Foils

At least, Gentle Reader, you may calm the chills that you might feel running up and down your spine with the sure knowledge that you KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS STORY and Foster Friess now than ANY MAJOR NATIONAL MEDIA OUTLET. Continue reading

Rep. Issa Bars Minority Witness, a Woman, on Contraception Hearing

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa chaired a hearing on Capitol Hill today on religious freedom and the new mandate that health insurers cover contraception.  As the hearing got under way,  an argument broke out over Democrats could add a female witness to the all-male panel. “Where are the women?” the minority Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., asked early … Continue reading

Right Remains Split On Anti-Romney Candidate

Heading into Saturday’s Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, conservatives remains divided on who ought to be the alternative to presumed frontrunner Mitt Romney. Although former House speaker Newt Gingrich appears to be surging ahead of Romney in the Palmetto State, a number of prominent activists on the right continue … Continue reading

Dominionist Cash and You

I corresponded with Mr. Reynolds, who told me that no one had been much interested, and so he had been forced to turn his investigations towards something more acceptable to paying editors. And yet the thread remains: exposed but not unraveled. Continue reading