Video: Harry Reid Pays Tribute To Sen. Inouye

Almost immediately following the death of Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rose on the Senate floor to remember the World War II veteran, Medal of Honor recipient and Hawaii’s senior senator. Inouye passed away from respiratory complications at 5:01 p.m. EST Monday at the Walter Reed … Continue reading

Dog Whistles and Lies – Another Day on the Campaign Trail with Mitt

But recognize that the second that one rightly concludes the “race card” is being played, the Righties will go into Greco-Roman wrestling mode and scream that they’re not racists and anybody who says that they are is a racist, and why is it always that when they criticize Obama they get accused of racism, because, actually, they’d hate his ever-lovin’ guts even IF he wasn’t black, born in Kenya and not legally qualified to be President, and besides he’s the worst and most divisive president in American history, and you can always count on LIBERALS (invariably spoken with the “N-word” inflection of a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan) to “play the race card” while they’re pushing forward their socialist, communist agenda, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Continue reading

Jon Stewart’s Increasing Rightward Turn

He holds Harry Reid to the SAME STANDARDS AS JOURNALISTS. (Reid is a Senator, not a News Anchor or columnist.) And, that said, MOST news is simply repeated hearsay dignified by quotation marks. But exactly like YOU, Jon, Harry Reid is not a journalist. Nor is hearsay INADMISSIBLE in the Court of Public Opinion. Continue reading

VIDEO: Dems Say ‘Put The Middle Class First’

Even as he continued to stir the pot over Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s taxes, the top Senate Democrat continued to fight for continued tax cuts for the middle class. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada joined several of his Senate Democratic colleagues to lambast GOP lawmakers for continuing … Continue reading

Harry Reid Knocks Romney In Tax Speech

The top Senate Democrat went after Mitt Romney by name Thursday, as Democrats continue to paint the presumptive GOP presidential nominee as out-of-touch with average Americans at a time when questions continue to surface regarding Romney’s time as a wealthy financier. In remarks on the Senate floor, Senate Majority Leader … Continue reading

‘For Astrid’s Sake’: Reid Blasts GOP On Immigration, As Key Republican Walks Away

Even as he lauded President Obama’s decision to halt deportations of young undocumented immigrants, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took his Republican colleagues to task for their inaction on immigration reform. The Nevada Democrat’s remarks come as one key Senate Republican says he is giving up on the issue. Obama … Continue reading

Congressional Sponsors Angry After SOPA/PIPA Votes Delayed

Wednesday’s massive Internet protest against two controversial anti-piracy bills appeared to have some effect, as congressional leaders agreed to put off a vote on the legislation. However, it’s obvious that the fight isn’t over for opponents who contend the bills are so broadly written that they could lead to unchecked … Continue reading

SOPA Opponents Make Progress Ahead Of Blackout

Opponents of a bill targeting online piracy — but which they say could have far-reaching unintended consequences for Internet censorship — have made progress ahead of a planned web-based protest Wednesday. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced Friday that he would remove the controversial Domain … Continue reading

Reid: Republicans Should Stop Rooting For Economy To Fail, Start Working With Democrats To Create Jobs

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed back Wednesday against his Republican colleagues over their opposition to a bill which would  put 400,000 teachers, police and firefighters back to work across the country. The plan to put teachers and first responders back on the job was part of President Obama’s American Jobs Act, … Continue reading