Republican Mixed Messages on ‘Fact-Checking’

And what does this actually tell us? That A) Republicans are CERTAIN that they could not win a fair election or a fair argument and B) that they are actually AGAINST democracy. Continue reading

At Last The Fall Schedule Comes Into Focus

And it’s hard not to notice that the way the decision got leaked — in the dead of a Friday night, with the Olympics still going on, after two weeks in which Romney and his campaign had demonstrated all the political skills of a handball — fairly dripped with flopsweat…. Continue reading

(Not So) Happy Moon Day 2012

Usually, this is an annual post I can kind of phone in. Naturally, the shootings last night upset that comforting assumption, as life has a disturbing tendency to do. Death stalks us at every moment, and tragedy is only a slip away. Continue reading

Use of GOP Shills on Black Audiences Nothing New

through the opening, there was polite applause. As the speech progressed, it became apparent that a specific group of people were applauding at specific speech points. As the polite applause died, the shills precipitated out as if in a chemistry experiment, until their voices/applause were the only ones in evidence, and the voices were distinct. Continue reading

As June Draws To A Close

Drawings from the past two weeks. Mostly visual with the usual trenchant political commentary at the end. Continue reading

Sandusky Guilty as the Mob Howls

Sandusky wanted to testify, they told him it would be disastrous, since the Prosecutor could have then brought Matt out as a “rebuttal witness” and they decided NOT to have Sandusky take the stand in his own defense. Continue reading

The Road Ahead

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t there NINE muses? Continue reading

The Phony Horse Race Handicappers and Your Right To Know

Yesterday’s primary “results” have resulted in endless blather about a GOP race that has been, in the end, entirely predictable. Romney rolls on, with little “surprises” here and there, and ZERO discussion of the issues that the USA actually faces. The Republican field has been singularly debating a rhetorical world of their own devising, without bothering to actually offer solutions or a vision for the problem that We the People actually face. Continue reading


It is weirdly tautological for animations created to sell a product to ENDORSE that product as celebrities created by the advertising FOR that product. Continue reading

Donald Trump Groundhog Mystery SOLVED!

Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow in the eponymous Pennsylvania town that feeds the rodent. And Donald Trump has endorsed (wait for it …) NEWT GINGRICH! Uh, whoops. They reported FUTURE news, and The Donald, being such a model of consistency, changed his notion at the last minute and … Continue reading