Pelosi Sets ‘The Record Straight’ on Dem Budget Cuts, Entitlement Reform

Even as President Obama and GOP House Speaker John Boehner debate how to avoid the coming so-called fiscal cliff, and whether to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, Democrats already are on record with $1.6 trillion in proposed federal spending cuts and have enacted entitlement reform through the landmark 2010 … Continue reading

Still No Love, Or Trust, For Romney On The Right

Possibly complicating his challenge to President Obama, Republican Mitt Romney finds the peace he had fashioned with those on the right wing of his party to be in serious trouble. Although conservatives have long distrusted and criticized Romney as too moderate, most quieted their barbs after the former Massachusetts governor … Continue reading

Secession Continues, Nobody Notices.

They pounded on the table, all right. And, if you’ll watch the news over the past couple of weeks or so, or months or so, or YEARS or so, ALL they’ve done is pound the table. Quite successfully in 2010, you might recall … Continue reading

On Healthcare Reform, Schumer Tells GOP: Get Over It

Now that the Supreme Court largely has upheld healthcare reform, a top Senate Democrat has a message to all of the law’s conservative opponents: Get over it. Problem is: the Republicans aren’t likely to listen. After two years of fierce opposition and vitriol from the right regarding healthcare reform, the … Continue reading

Fast Out The Box: Pelosi Quick To Laud Healthcare ‘Victory’

Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi was fast to react to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold key provisions of healthcare reform, apparently beating even President Obama to the punch to claim victory in Thursday’s historic ruling. The high court appeared to have upheld at least most of the 2010 healthcare reform law, … Continue reading

Progressive Leader: Trustees Report Points To More, Not Less, Health Reform

Prominent conservatives are wrong when they blame healthcare reform for Medicare’s budget woes, according to the head of a progressive Washington policy shop. Rather, Medicare would be better off with more government financing — not less, he adds. The trustees of Social Security and Medicare on Monday released their latest … Continue reading

Democrats Sees Bad Signs At High Court For Healthcare Reform Law

With at least much of the Supreme Court’s conservative bloc “spoken for,” a pair of Democratic strategists say that they are not as optimistic as perhaps the Obama administration appears to be that the healthcare reform law will survive this week’s legal challenge at the high court. Oral arguments began … Continue reading

‘Obamacare Is Working’

Its fate may be in the hands of the Supreme Court come Monday, but on Friday Democrats were not shy about defending the landmark 2010 healthcare reform law on the second anniversary of its enactment. While President Obama himself talked about healthcare reform Friday only in the form of a … Continue reading

With Eyes On Healthcare Reform, Another Patients’ Rights Battle Brews

While public attention might be on this week’s second anniversary of healthcare reform — and next week’s legal challenges against it at the Supreme Court — consumer advocates already have moved onto the next battle for patients’ rights in Congress. Nearly two dozen consumers’ groups wrote a letter Wednesday to … Continue reading