The No News News Media

There was a lot of news this past week. Some of it was even reported by the news media. First, there was a football player from Notre Dame who either did or didn’t know that his girlfriend was or wasn’t real, but died sometime during the season. Six column headlines for several days announced the fraud. Network news and talk show hosts rehashed it almost daily. Two weeks ago, Lance Armstrong admitted he was a dope. Or maybe he just took dope. The news media kept sending urgent flashes all week of what he was going to tell Oprah. And then he told Oprah, and now we’ll be reading stories about it until Schwinn adds a jet engine to a … Continue reading

Fame as Disease; Celebrity as Illness (part ii)

Anybody can want fame. That’s a very mediocre commodity that we tend to moderate after the age of three. You can see it in every bozo jumping down in the background of a live TV broadcast, and grinning to their buddy who’s doing the same thing until they’re cropped out of the shot. Continue reading