Perhaps Mr. Gohmert Can Have an Epiphany

Focus. Sit down. Worry about fixing the country today, THIS year, before you worry about imaginary fiscal disasters years in the future. That’ll do more for your grandchildren’s financial security than your fantasies about how you’ll show your new ribbon at the “Entitlement” dance. Continue reading

Pelosi: The Supercommittee’s Work Should Be ‘Public Domain’

Even as lawmakers wrangle over the details of the work of the so-called supercommittee, the top House Democrat is calling for more openness in the decision-making of the bipartisan deficit-reduction panel. Created by last summer’s federal debt deal, the members of the supercommittee have just until Thanksgiving to find $1.2 trillion over 10 years in deficit-reduction. Members of the panel, known officially as the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, have been conducting all of their important negotiating entirely behind closed doors. Predictable partisan jostling began this week as details of those talks began coming public. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi warned that the final package put forward by the 12-member supercommittee “cannot be a product of secrecy.” “You know, … Continue reading