Growing up in the city of Detroit gun violence was a way of life. Watching the 11 o’clock news was a daily report of what happens when people use guns to fight over drug trafficking territory, domestic issues, and other senseless acts. In my life I have lost three friends to gun violence, one used his father’s gun to kill himself and the other two were killed by their girlfriend’s jealous ex-boyfriend. Living in an environment such as this, I have never understood the fascination with guns. My father, who works for our church’s private security force, has a permit to carry a fire arm. He would talk about going to the gun range but he never wanted me to … Continue reading

On Trayvon Martin… When Will It End

I’m a white woman from a small town in Massachusetts, but I spent 19 years living in Los Angeles. I raised my only child, my white daughter in inner city L.A. schools where she was a minority. Many of her school friends were black, many of my friends in L.A. are black with black sons, and every time I read another piece on Trayvon Martin, my heart breaks a little more. We lived in L.A. during the Rodney King riots… I’ve seen up close and personal the way black men were targeted in the inner city by white cops. I abhore racism. I abhore gun violence. And I abhore laws that allow guns in the hands of the wrong people. I get the whole … Continue reading