Republicans Lie About ‘Support oUR tROOPS’

by WALTER BRASCH For a decade, Republicans have been screaming at Americans to “support our troops.” But, they don’t really support our troops. Their constant chanting was originally code to support the Republican administration and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the Republicans truly wanted to support the troops, … Continue reading

Senator John Kerry on President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Senator John Kerry tonight released a statement following President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address: “If Members of Congress are going to be honest about it, there was a lot of common sense and even more common ground in tonight’s address. We shouldn’t have to wait for another year … Continue reading

Miss America: Auditioning for Center Stage

  by WALTER BRASCH             Tucked between the New Hampshire primary and Ground Hog Day, and directly competing against an NFL playoff game, is Saturday night’s annual Miss America pageant. Although the headquarters is still near Atlantic City, where it originated in 1921, the pageant—don’t call it a beauty contest—has … Continue reading