Republicans Lie About ‘Support oUR tROOPS’

by WALTER BRASCH For a decade, Republicans have been screaming at Americans to “support our troops.” But, they don’t really support our troops. Their constant chanting was originally code to support the Republican administration and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the Republicans truly wanted to support the troops, … Continue reading

How Do We Improve Public Schools? Take Away Their Funding, Terrorize Teachers, and Send Kids Somewhere Else (According to lawmakers)

  By Elizabeth Walters   How can we improve public education for our children? The answers to this question–and the perspectives on the current quality of public education in the United States–are as varied and individualized as the 55 million students who attend public school in this country. Recently, legislators … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Gabby Giffords Officially Resigns From Office

Rep. Gabby Giffords was in the spotlight last night at the State of the Union address as President Obama stopped to hug her on his way to the podium to make his address. Giffords cast her last vote in the House today, “for legislation she and Flake introduced this week, … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: The Political Issue Uniquely Suited to the Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement so far has steered clear of articulating any clear policy goals, or engaging at all in the political process. That’s been smart, because the movement’s been able to grow as quickly, and effectively, as it has precisely for this reason. If Occupy had become about this bill, … Continue reading