Tragedy in the 24/7 News Media

by Walter Brasch CNN is the 24/7 media trumpet for news about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that is presumed to have crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, southwest of Australia. On that flight were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. CNN grabbed every iota of information, pumped it full of … Continue reading

Use of GOP Shills on Black Audiences Nothing New

through the opening, there was polite applause. As the speech progressed, it became apparent that a specific group of people were applauding at specific speech points. As the polite applause died, the shills precipitated out as if in a chemistry experiment, until their voices/applause were the only ones in evidence, and the voices were distinct. Continue reading

Sandusky Guilty as the Mob Howls

Sandusky wanted to testify, they told him it would be disastrous, since the Prosecutor could have then brought Matt out as a “rebuttal witness” and they decided NOT to have Sandusky take the stand in his own defense. Continue reading

Geeks Vs. Obama: Scientists To Protest Budget Cuts

Some of the nation’s scientific leaders plan to rally against cuts that President Obama wants for NASA’s budget, which they say will hinder the advance of the U.S. space program and hurt the nation’s scientific talent pool. The SETI Institute, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, education and public … Continue reading

Franklin Graham Apologizes for Questioning President Obama’s Faith

Yesterday, Evangelist Franklin Graham apologized to President Obama for questioning his Christian faith. Graham had said in a recent MSNBC interview that he “did not know whether Obama is a Christian” and he suggested that “Islamic law considers him to be a Muslim.” Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, said he now … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Current TV

If you want to play news, wear a suit and tie, and if you’re in jeans, fine, but do it behind a desk. Contrary to popular delusion, you don’t need to have a news staff prancing about aerobically to deliver credible, reliable, important news. Continue reading

Breaking: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Announces Plan to Step Down from Congress

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has just announced plans to step down from Congress. Giffords was the “victim of a gunshot wound to the head in an attack a year ago in her Arizona district.” She said her work toward recovery was her reason for stepping down. Prior to the shooting Gabrielle … Continue reading

Game Changer in South Carolina: Newt Gingrich Wins

Via MSNBC: Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina Republican primary, capping off a remarkable comeback for his presidential bid that reshapes the trajectory of the battle for the GOP nomination… […] The results mark the end of a tumultuous week in politics that saw Gingrich erase and then overcome … Continue reading

Top Dem Calls Mitt Romney’s Meager Iowa Win ‘An Indictment’

Mitt Romney’s paltry 8-vote win Tuesday in the Iowa caucuses is “an indictment” against the Republican presidential hopeful, a top Democratic operative says. Romney barely squeaked past the late-surging Rick Santorum in the nation’s first 2012 presidential race, reportedly the closest margin in Iowa history. He won with barely 25 … Continue reading

Trouble For Obama Campaign? Justice Party Launches Calif. Ballot Drive

In a move which could cloud President Obama’s re-election campaign, a new third party called the Justice Party has begun a ballot-access drive in California. Headed by presidential candidate Ross “Rocky” Anderson, the Justice Party could complicate Obama’s left flank in a way that Ralph Nader helped frustrate Democrat Al … Continue reading