F.B.I. Releases Images and Video of Two Suspects in Boston Marathon Attack

The F.B.I. released video and still images of two men “characterized as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings on Thursday evening and asked for the public’s help in identifying them.” Video via MSNBC: The NY Times reports: One of the men was captured on video setting down a backpack at … Continue reading

In The Wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Few Details Emerge

A short time ago, I watched the latest presser on the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday that left 3 dead and countless injured. Details released, though sparse, have alluded to ““pressure-cooker” devices that sent sharp bits of shrapnel flying into victims in the vicinity of the blast.” Surgeons at several Boston hospitals told … Continue reading

Obama May Say Congress Has ‘No Excuses’ Not To Pass Jobs Bill, But Eric Cantor Already Made His

Although he was scheduled Friday to officially rebut President Obama’s renewed push earlier in the day to pass a comprehensive jobs bill, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor almost needn’t have bothered. In a hastily called White House news conference, the president declared that Congress had “no excuses” to pass his long-stalled American … Continue reading

Advocates Call ‘Paltry’ Bank Deal Just The Beginning For Wronged Homeowners

Critics of the fraud committed by the nation’s largest banks in the so-called “robo-signing” scandal are calling Thursday’s settlement deal just the first step in achieving justice for wronged U.S. homeowners. State and federal officials announced the $26 billion settlement over the banks’ fraudulent foreclosure practices which led to wrongful … Continue reading