NPR — WLRN Backs Down on Banned Book and Author Interview

NPR’s Miami affiliate back-tracked yesterday after canceling an interview with author Stephen Kimber because the subject was “too incendiary and fears of a negative reaction from certain segments of the community.” (See original emails below) Yesterday, after repeated calls to the station from this author, Joseph Labonia, general manager of the station, … Continue reading

So, Was Morgan Freeman ‘Wright’?

Morgan Freeman is wrong. But no one said that he’s an expert in genetics. He’s an actor, stating an opinion. And that’s an opinion that’s ONLY meaningful, seemingly, if it can be used as a wedge, to inadvertently and vertantly push the “post racial” meme that only black men can be racists. Continue reading

Mrs. Ayn Rand Paul’s Fishiness STILL Sticks

What they DON’T seem to get is the part about the Richie Riches believing that they can finally take over a dispirited and disunified Republican Party. Maybe, if I blog for another several years, they will. But they DO begin to “get” that radical libertarianism is, for most Americans, left and right, a “bridge too far” in its application. Continue reading